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Smoking Solution

The number of smokers has gone down--fewer than one in five adults now smoke in the US, which is about half as many smokers as there were 50 years ago. Despite this, cigarettes kill more than 400,000 Americans every year. But the solution is at hand: make nicotine less addictive.

Most of us don't realize it, but the Family Smoking...
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Cigarette Butts Make a Cozy Nest

At last: Something GOOD about smoking! Birds in Mexico City are lining their nests with cigarette butts they pick up off the street, and scientists have discovered that they repel pests and keep the baby birds warm.

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Are Drug Companies as Bad as Tobacco Companies?

Although Big Tobacco is creating a product that is totally bad for us, while $600-billion pharmaceutical industry is selling hope, they tend to use the same tactics--especially when it comes to lies.

Doctors don't like to admit it, but often they don't have any idea...
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Quitting Makes You Nicer

Quitting smoking makes you healthier AND it makes you nicer. And it turns out that while blacks have a harder time quitting, there is no difference in the quitting ability between the sexes...
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The Secret Ingredients of Cigarettes

Most of us assume that cigarettes are simply tobacco rolled up in paper, but that FAR from the truth: many OTHER ingredients--many of them SECRET--are added to the mix.
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Quit With a Shot?

Smokers all know how tough it is to quit. Now researchers have developed (and successfully tested in mice) a VACCINE to treat nicotine addiction. A single dose protects mice over their...
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Mom: Don't Smoke--It Can Make Your Kids Deaf

Smoking is not sexy: Exposure to second hand smoke is bad for a fetus and it's bad for teenagers too: Researchers report that exposure to tobacco smoke nearly doubles the risk of hearing loss among...
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Smoking Dangers Kept Secret

Most of us now realize that smoking leads to lung cancer (and other diseases), but not everyone realizes that tobacco companies HID this data for years. A new analysis of tobacco industry documents shows that Philip Morris manipulated data on the effects of additives in cigarettes, including...
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Should a Nonsmoker Wear a Patch?

In the future, we may all be wearing nicotine patches, even though we are NOT trying to quit smoking, because using a nicotine patch may help improve mild memory loss in older adults.
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Smoking Makes You Feel Sexy

Why do some older women smoke (when they surely know better by now)? It may make them feel sexy: a recent study discovered that postmenopausal women who smoke have higher androgen and estrogen levels than non-smoking women, with sex hormone levels being highest in heavy smokers.
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Another Danger of Smoking: Cigarettes are Radioactive

This was kept as a deep, dark secret for almost 40 years, from its discovery in 1959 through 1998, when it was revealed as part of a legal settlement. According to a new study, tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke contained radioactive alpha particles for more than four decades and developed "deep and intimate" knowledge of these...
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Millions of Cancer Cases Coming to Asia

And we're not just talking about power plant meltdowns in Japan! In the US, your tattoo is a time bomb, but in Asia (especially...
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Don't Inhale!

In research described as "a stark warning" to those tempted to start smoking, scientists are reporting that cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within MINUTES--not years--after inhalation into the lungs.

And there is growing evidence that exposure to a group of chemicals known as type-2 alkenes--found in many...
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What to Avoid at Parties

At this year's holiday celebrations, try to avoid rooms filled with second-hand smoke (especially if you're pregnant): Exposure to nicotine during pregnancy leads to a decrease in adult stem cells and a change in the brains of the offspring. Researchers...
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Time to QUIT!

Smoking is a worldwide epidemic, an emergency situation that builds slowly, while the smoker isn't noticing. This means it's time to quit! We once gave you the advice to go cold turkey, but now it turns out that gradually cutting down (with the aim of quitting completely) may work just as well. If you have trouble quitting, it may be because...

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Two Vices

One cancels out the healthy effects of the other - Scientists have some bad news (for some of us anyway): We all know that they go together and while smoking is just generally unhealthy, drinking a glass or two of wine a day can be healthy, but NOT if you also smoke!

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ANOTHER New Use for Tobacco

As more people wise up and stop smoking, there is less call for heavily-subsidized tobacco plants, so researchers are looking for new ways to use this plant. Besides biofuel, they may make natural spray-on solar panels.

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New Cigarette Danger

THIRD hand smoke - We all know what second hand smoke is (smoke that a non-smoker inhales while in a smoke-filled room), but what is third hand smoke and is it dangerous? It turns out that this is the yellow nicotine residue that clings to surfaces after smokers have been in a room and YES, it is VERY dangerous!

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A New Use for Tobacco

As more and more people stop smoking, we may find a new use for tobacco in the future: as a biofuel.

Researchers have found a way to increase the oil in tobacco plant leaves, which may be the next step in using the plants for biofuel. According to researcher Vyacheslav Andrianov, tobacco can generate biofuel more efficiently than other...

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Big Tobacco the One Who Needs to QUIT

...Quit trying to hook our teens on smoking - President Barack Obama's signature on a bill to grant the FDA authority to regulate tobacco was a historic step that could eliminate tobacco use in the US by 2047. To save themselves, tobacco companies are still trying desperately to hook teens on smoking. They know that major...

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Third Hand Smoke

Is as bad as second hand? - We all know what second hand smoke is?the smoke you inhale while being in a room full of smokers. But what is THIRD HAND smoke? It turns out it's the invisible (but toxic) gases and particles that cling to smokers' hair, clothing, upholstery and curtains--even when no one is currently smoking in the...
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2009: Time to Quit

Who finds it harder, men or women? - The New Year is coming soon, which is the time for all those resolutions. We?ll bet that a big one on every smoker?s list is quitting. Women have more withdrawal symptoms but they also have more reason to quit, because, contrary to what most women believe, smoking makes you fat.

A new...

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Why Quitting is Harder for Blacks

Everyone's top New Year's Resolution - Quitting smoking is one of the top items on most people's New Year's resolutions lists, and it certainly should be if you're black because blacks are more unhealthy than whites?especially when it comes to asthma?despite the fact that African-Americans are much less likely to smoke than...

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Just One Puff

?and you're addicted for LIFE! - Tobacco companies try to push their products to teens (although they pretend not to) because they know that just one puff will get them hooked for life IF they have the right (or wrong?) kinds of genes. But the news is not all bad: researchers have now invented a PILL that can help you quit!...

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Smoking Makes You Deaf

It's not only loud noises that can make you deaf?both smoking and being overweight can do it too.

Both disrupt the blood flow to the ears. BBC News quotes researcher Erik Fransen as saying, "Once the damage is done, it's done. It does not repair."

If you're NOT deaf, you?re probably often annoyed by sounds that wake you up at...

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Smoking Protects

...sometimes - Some things that seem destructive can be helpful in another way?under the right circumstances. With this in mind, researchers have discovered that a gene that makes you more likely to smoke also PROTECTS you from becoming addicted to cocaine!

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Time to Quit

Smoking makes you fat and it can also contribute to your getting breast cancer, IF you have the gene for the disease. Most smokers want to quit, and we have new information about what HELPS.

Researchers Christine Ambrosone and Jenny Chang-Claude studied data from 10 of the 13 studies published in the last 10 years in which they evaluated...

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They Go Together & They're Both Bad!

Smoking and drinking seem to go together naturally, and it turns out that there's a scientific reason why it's hard to quit one while still indulging in the other. Despite this fact, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are notorious for their smoke-filled rooms.

Researcher Thomas J. Gould says, "Whenever someone uses these two drugs together...

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Tobacco Plot Gets Teens Hooked

It may be illegal to advertise cigarettes to kids, but tobacco companies are still trying to start kids on smoking because they know that once they hook them, it will be incredibly hard for them to quit.

A new Canadian study reports that tobacco marketers have found a way around tobacco advertising restrictions, by reaching teens...
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Smoking Cigarettes Can Make You Blind

Teenagers fear blindness more than lung cancer or stroke, but nine out of 10 don't know that smoking can rob them of their sight in later life.

The findings are based on the responses of 260 clubbers aged between 16 and 18, collected at four places in the UK. One in five of the young women were daily smokers (21%), compared with around...

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