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Smiling--whether you FEEL happy or not--is good for your health: it slows down your heart and reduces stress. In fact, the very act of smiling makes us feel happier. Frowning does the opposite, which is why preventing people from frowning, with the use of Botox, can help cure depression....
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How Do We Recognize People? By Their Teeth!

Anne Strieber asked herself this question after she recovered from a brain aneurysm and found she had a hard time doing it. Later, she found out that sometimes...
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A Good Reason to Smile

There's nothing like a smile--it's a powerful tool, because it helps us heal. Feeling good usually makes us smile, but...
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What is that Smiling Person REALLY Thinking?

Facial expressions have been called the "universal language of emotion," but people from different cultures perceive happy, sad or angry facial expressions in unique ways. In some cultures, smiling at a person you don't know well (such as a clerk in a shop or someone on the...
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A Smile is a Powerful Tool

A smile is catching (just like an itch) and it's not only a kind way to greet others--it can also be personally empowering and lead to a longer, healthier life. In Forbes Magazine, Ron Gutman...
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