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Weekender: Quantum Biology? Scientists Discover Amazing Quantum Processes At Work In Nature

The "interconnectedness of all things" is a notion embraced by the spiritual community and, more recently, by science in the field of quantum mechanics.

This area of research is still regarded as largely theoretical by the scientific community, however, unlike the "nuts and bolts" science that focuses on improving...
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Something Stinks

But sometimes things smell good too. But our ability to smell deteriorates over the years, sometimes as early as age 30. By age 60, about half of us will experience a reduction in our ability to smell,...
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Why We Smell Bad When We're Nervous

We understand why we perspire when we're exercising--as our sweat evaporates, it cools off our body. But why do we sweat so much when we're under stress? And this is the really stinky kind of sweat, the kind we apply deodorant to try to stave off.

And we're under more...
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Something Stinks!

But we humans can't smell it - Odors that represent food or indicate danger are capable of altering an animal's lifespan (and ours too?) by activating a small number of highly specialized sensory neurons in our brains. Does this mean that in order to live a long life, we should surround ourselves with good smells (rather than...

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Control 'Em with Smell

If their students are behaving badly, teachers should spray some air freshener into the classroom and that may solve the problem. If you work in an office, maybe you should secretly spray some in the boss's office while he's out to lunch. Why? Studies show that People are unconsciously fairer and more generous when they are in clean-smelling...

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Smell Test

When the space shuttle touched down in California instead of in Florida, due to bad weather, on the anniversary of 911, California residents who heard the sonic boom thought a bomb had gone off. Are we preparing for another potential terrorist attack? Well, researchers have developed a postage stamp-size sensor that can sniff out poisonous...

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Smell Study

Is smell influenced by our culture or are genes? As part of a year-long recreation of Darwin's epic voyage on the HMS Beagle, olfactory scientist Sanne Boesveldt will explore how people respond to smell at each of the ship's ports of call.

In each of the approximately 25 worldwide ports where the Beagle ship docks, crew members will ask...

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Women Have Better Smellers

Watch out guys: women have more sensitive noses (they can TELL when you wear the same shirt twice!) According to new research, it is more difficult to mask underarm odor when women are doing the smelling.

Researcher Charles J. Wysocki says, "It is quite difficult to block a woman's awareness of body odor. In contrast, it seems rather...

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Christmas Smells

What would the holidays be without those familiar scents?the fresh spruce tree, peppermint candy canes, mulled cider? But alas, some of these smells can be torture for those of us who carry a specific gene.

We know that smells trigger memories and the absence of holiday smells would confuse our brains. Neuroscientist Tyler Lorig says...

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Dangerous Smells

But it's more dangerous NOT to smell! - Our lives are filled with manufactured smells: a study of 6 top-selling laundry products and air fresheners shows that these products emitted dozens of different chemicals, and all of them gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but NONE of those...

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Can You Smell the Flowers?

Pollution really ruins the joys of life: we know that air pollution is making it hard to breathe and affecting birds (but in a positive way), and now it turns out that it's reducing the scent of flowers as well!

Air pollution from power plants and automobiles is destroying the fragrance of flowers. Not only does this affect the beauty of...

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What Smells?

Scientists don't understand exactly how we identify the many odors we smell every day. Biologists have found evidence that while we may not be consciously aware of it, people can sniff out the chemical signals of sexual attraction. Aromatherapists say that they can create a bubble bath that improves memory, a kitchen cleaner that wards off...

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Living Life With No Smells

62% of Americans over age 53 have anosmia (no sense of smell) or hyposmia (a diminished sense of smell). They can't always taste what they're eating, which can be dangerous in cases of food poisoning. They also can't smell smoke or leaking gas. This can be genetic or caused by viruses, chemical exposure, head injuries, nasal polyps,...

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