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PCs Search for Smallpox Cure

Scientists are working with computer nerds to find a cure for smallpox using screen savers. Their idea is to use the idle processing power of 2 million personal computers to look through millions of molecular combinations in hopes of finding one that fights smallpox. Although we have a smallpox vaccine, it can have serious side effects, and...

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Smallpox Vaccine Can be Deadly

Smallpox is the worst disease known to man?it killed half a billion people from 1880 to 1980, before it was finally eradicated in 1980. But the smallpox vaccine can be deadly too, and that's the problem we face today. Scientists say it's the most dangerous vaccine ever invented. Should the U.S. population be given a vaccine that can cause...

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Five Countries Have Smallpox

The CIA says 5 countries?the U.S., Iraq, North Korea, Russia and France?have smallpox. Smallpox cultures are held officially in two heavily guarded laboratories, one in Atlanta and the other in Koltsovo, Siberia?all the others are unofficial. Everyone knew that Russia, North Korea and Iraq have stockpiles, but France comes as a surprise. The...

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