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Whales are Slaves in Aquatic Shows

People aren't the only ones who live in slavery. Five killer whales have been named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) against Sea World, which says they deserve the...
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Modern Slavery: Homeless White Men Shipped to Scandinavia and Europe

Not all slaves are black. In the UK, gypsies have been kidnapping homeless (mostly white) men and sending them abroad to work as virtual slaves. An investigation has discovered 32 victims of this practice. They are being transported to countries like Sweden...
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Did US Blacks Evolve Due to Harshness of Slavery?

American blacks searching for their African roots are finding it's not so easy. In the January 27th edition of the New York Times, Edward Rothstein says, "The astounding thing about American slavery is...
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American Indians Kept Black Slaves

We tend to think of both Native Americans and African Americans as cultural and ethnic groups who have been treated badly by history. But one thing most people DON'T know is that Indians once kept SLAVES. Now the freedmen who...
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Ant Slaves

In the old days in the Old South, rich plantation owners had teams of slaves to do the work for them. It turns out that ants are farmers too AND they also have slaves! And just like people who purchased strong humans,...
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The Master of the Key said that in order to fulfill our desire for cheap consumer goods, we in the West each have 5 slaves. Most Americans would be surprised to realize that in the UK, farm and fast food workers from Mexico are considered to be slaves of a sort.

In the December 19 edition of the Independent, Leondard Doyle writes about...

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Rare Slave Ship Photo Found

Dominic Casciani writes in that a rare photo has been discovered depicting slaves on the deck of a ship being transported to European colonies in the Americas that still allowed slavery at that time. The photo was taken by a Royal Navy officer and amateur photographer in 1869, after his patrol ship intercepted a slave ship headed...

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