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Video Buffs Alleged to Damage Silbury Hill

Video buffs looking for crop circle secrets climbed into Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, allegedly damaging the biggest man-made Neolithic mound in Europe. The fields surrounding the hill are where the largest and most intricate crop circles have appeared, and some researchers speculated that some sort of energy was released when the hill opened up...

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Hole in Silbury Hill Under Repair

Engineers are completing repairs to a hole that appeared 2 years ago on the top of Silbury Hill in the midst of crop circle country, and hope to unlock some of its mysteries. English Heritage, which oversees the site, says the ancient man-made hill in Wiltshire has some kind of religious significance and is part of a group of ceremonial...

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Cropcircle Update: Silbury Hill

Michael Glickman - Reprinted by permission of SC Magazine, the prehistoric manmade mound in the middle of crop circle country in the U.K. It seems appropriate to record the circumstances, or at least that part of the history which we know.

An American couple visiting the area climbed the Hill on the afternoon of May 29....

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