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We're used to being judged as second-rate among first-world countries, when it comes to health care, but at least we're number one when it comes to universities. But we DO have an emergency, when it comes to our emergency services.

International educational experts say we have the best universities of all, based on Nobel prizes won and...

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You Make Yourself Sick

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, you'll get sick more often. Activity in the part of the brain called the right pre-frontal cortex is linked to negative emotions, while brain activity in the opposite direction?in the left pre-frontal cortex?is linked to positive emotional responses. People who have more right pre-frontal activity get...

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Happiness is the Best Medicine

You've tried the pizza cure. Maybe you've even tried the cure from Thailand. Now try the latest cure: Be happy.

Jamie Cohen writes for that while Americans get 1 billion colds a year, happier people get fewer of them. Dr. Sheldon Cohen says, "We found that people who regularly experience positive emotions, when exposed to...

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