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Mysterious Shuttle Problems

First, a computer intended to be placed aboard Shuttle Endeavor for its upcoming mission was found to have been sabotaged. Now, it seems that the shuttle has sprung a leak, and the mission, which is scheduled for August 7, may have to be delayed. But the larger question is, was the leak another act of sabotage, and if so, who wants this mission...

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Worms Survived Columbia Breakup

Newswise - Not all life was lost in the Columbia breakup during thespace shuttle's reentry into the Earth?s atmosphere on Feb.1, 2003. Hundreds of tiny worms onboard for an experimentsurvived the tragedy. This bolsters the evidence that lifemay travel between planets on meteors and that life may havebeen "seeded" here from Mars...

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Columbia Return OK'd Due to Wrong Data

The engineers who decided the space shuttle Columbia could safely return to Earth were studying the wrong computer model. Their analysis, carried out during the flight, concluded that little harm had been done by the piece of foam came off the fuel tank during lift-off. But former astronaut Sally Ride, who is investigating the accident, says...

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Key Shuttle Debris May be Lost Forever

The space shuttle Columbia started shedding debris as it flew over California, but these crucial first pieces may never be found, because they probably burned up in the atmosphere. To survive the descent to the ground, debris would have "to be a pretty substantial piece of the shuttle itself," says Jim Hallock, of the Columbia Accident...

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Shuttle: Astronomer Records Mystery Flash

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a Bay Area amateur astronomer has photographs showing odd flashes of light, apparently an electrical discharge, around the space shuttle Columbia during the early phase of re-entry, just before the shuttle broke up.

At the same time that the shuttle was re-entering the earth's atmosphere, a...

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At approximately 808AM CST on Saturday, February 1, the space shuttle Columbia apparently broke up in flight while descending toward a landing in Florida. The orbiter was over Texas at the time, engaging in the terminal phases of shuttle mission STS-107. Video of the sky area where the shuttle was descending shows multiple smoke trails,...

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