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The Turin Shroud

Could the Turin Shroud Have Been Created By An Earthquake?

The Turin Shroud is one of the most enigmatic artefacts on earth. It is purported to be the burial cloth used to shroud the body of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, and the faint image of a naked man imprinted on the cloth is believed to be that of the Messiah Himself.
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Mystery Cloth

In 1998, Virginia artist Athalyn Rose found a large (9 X 15 foot) piece of muslin cloth. Gradually, Biblical images began to appear on it.

The images were not painted on either side of this gigantic cloth, but are deeply embedded within the fibers of the...
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The Shroud of Turin May Be a Miracle After All

We've had provocative Dreamland shows about the mysterious Shroud of Turin (and subscribers can still listen to these shows). Now Italian government...
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Shroud of Turin is Real

Incredible new evidence - The famous Shroud of Turin, which is either a fake or the burial cloth of Jesus (depending on who you listen to) has been found to contain a "death certificate" for "Jesus of Nazareth."

Vatican scholar Barbara Frale says she found it imprinted on a corner of the cloth in Greek, Hebrew and Latin...

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New Study to Examine Shroud Tests

There have been numerous scientific attempts to date the Shroud of Turin, one of which in 1989 controversially used carbon dating techniques that may have been flawed to date it to the fourteenth century. The Catholic Church had the shroud 'restored' in 2002 in such a way that much scientific study is now impossible, but Dr. John Jackson, who...

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Shroud of Turin Probably Fake

The French science magazine "Science and Life" says thatrecent experiments prove that the shroud of Turin is a fake.The shroud, which has an image of a crucified man on it, isthought to be the burial wrapping of Jesus. The authenticityof the shroud has been debated since it first turned up in1537, so what finally clinched it for the...

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This Week on Dreamland: Conspiracies of the Past?and Present!

Steven Sora is one of the best historical researchers weknow, and he's come out with two books at the same time, oneon his most recent Templar discoveries and the other onrelics?which are real and which are fake. And some of themARE real and DO still have real power! And this week's showbegins with a special report byJim Marrsabout that...

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Shroud Could Have Been Burial Cloth of Jesus

In recent years, skeptics have dismissed the Shroud of Turinas a Medieval fake. Some have even said it was created byLeonardo da Vinci. But new evidence shows that the clothfrom the shroud that researchers were using to carbon dateit was taken from a area that was clearly patched with newermaterial.

An article in the current issue of the...

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Back of Shroud Also Shows Face

We recently wrote about new evidence, based on a seam in the cloth, showing that the Shroud of Turin may be real. Now it's been discovered that the back side of the cloth, which has been covered up for hundreds of years, shows a ghostly image of the face as well. However, the image could not have "bled through" from the other side, since it's...

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Shroud of Turin Created by Bacteria?

The controversy over the image of Jesus on the Shroud of Turin never seems to end?is it a miracle or a hoax? Microbiologist Stephen Mattingly says it's neither?he thinks it was created by bacteria from a dying man's body, despite the fact that there's no other known shroud from ancient times with similar markings on it.

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