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Hiding the Truth

We've discovered that a lot of the "mystery meat" in tacos and fast food is really horse meat, despite being labeled as "beef." Here's the latest example of mislabeling: Two department stores have been caught selling REAL fur coats as "fake fur," probably in deference to animal-loving customers.

The Fur...
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The Truth About Christmas Shopping

Does it sometimes seem like department stores go out of their way to make the shopping experience unpleasant, when you'd think, especially around Christmas, that they'd do just the opposite? There's a reason for this: It turns out that the less comfortable you are during the...
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Why Do We Want So Much Stuff?

Capitalism would die if we didn't, but it doesn't do much for our spiritual life (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). As "Black Friday...
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How to Outmaneuver Those Long Checkout Lines

People are avoiding long lines at the cash register by shopping online this year. A recent survey shows that almost half of all US shoppers say they plan to buy gifts online this holiday season, up from about a third last year. In order to get more...
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How to Find a Zebra: Use Their Bar Code

A zebra's black-and-white stripes resemble a barcode--now biologists are USING them that way, to identify individual zebras from a photo. In StripeSpotter, a scientist draws a rectangle around an image of the zebra's side in a photo, then this part of the image is automatically sliced into a number of bands. Each zebra's "barcode" is...
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Why People Misbehave on Black Friday

"Black Friday" is a strange name for the official first day of the Christmas shopping season, but people may have started calling it that because shoppers behave so badly in their rush to capture bargains.
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Can you forge an emotional bond with a brand so strong that, if forced to buy a competitor's product, you suffer separation anxiety? According to a new study, the answer is yes. In fact, that bond can be strong enough that consumers are willing to sacrifice time, money, energy and reputation to maintain their attachment to that brand. Researchers...
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What is it about Men & Shopping?

If you're waiting for your Valentine's Day present - The stereotype of a man's reluctance to ask for driving directions holds true when he goes shopping as well: Women are much more likely to seek out other people, including store sales help, for guidance about purchases whereas men are more apt to go it alone.

Men also...

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Do Last-Minute Shopping Here!

Got any urgent last-minute gifting to do? The store offers e-mail gift certificates! It's easy to send one, too. Just click here, then click on "Gift Certificates" in the shopping cart on the right-hand side of the page. Gift certificates are good for any item in our store. The store is unique in the world...

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We're Controlled While We Shop

Since most of us are doing our Christmas shopping this week, we should know that stores are subtly influencing our purchases.

In a store called Once Famous, researchers study customers from behind one-way mirrors?but they?re not looking for shoplifters. While the store works like a regular retail outlet and makes a small profit, it?s...

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