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Rapid Onset Of Climate Change Could Seriously Affect Feeding Patterns In Marine Life

Climate change is already upon us, experts say, and we are already feeling its adverse effects in the form of extreme weather events: scorching temperatures leading to droughts, torrential rains causing widespread flooding, and record freezes bringing feet of snow.

But what of the less obvious effects of global warming?

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Beware of the Shark You Can't SEE

In scientists' endless quest for the secret of invisibility, we now have a cloak that makes SOUND invisible. Now they are studying a group of sharks that can sneak up on their prey by seeming to becoming...
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How Soup is Causing a Needless Slaughter

Scientists can identify zebras by their "bar codes"--now they can identify shark fins by zip code. Shark fins are illegally poached by the Chinese in order to make one of their great delicacies: shark fin soup. Tens of millions of animals are killed every...
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Shark Rampage!

Shark attacks are on the rise in Australia?and some people think the country's attempts to protect sharks are to blame.

It might also be because more people are going swimming. In Time Magazine, Rory Callinan quotes researcher Rory McAuley as saying, "?People are getting into the water over a greater area of the shark's range. It's...

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Hungry Sharks are Coming Closer

Due to overfishing in the Atlantic Ocean of the food theylike to eat, hungry sharks are coming closer to shore andmay mistake swimmers for a meal. Menhaden fish, a commonshark prey, are at critically low levels, just in time forthe beach vacation season.

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Shark Attacks: Our Fault?

Amanda Onion writes in that swimmers have little reason to worry about being bitten by a shark. George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida, says recent data that suggests people are 15 times more likely to be killed by falling coconuts than by a...

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