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Sharks Get Even!

Whales have gotten even for being used as slaves in aquatic shows. Now sharks are getting even too--for having their fins cut off and used in soup. Scientists have discovered high...
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How Soup is Causing a Needless Slaughter

Scientists can identify zebras by their "bar codes"--now they can identify shark fins by zip code. Shark fins are illegally poached by the Chinese in order to make one of their great delicacies: shark fin soup. Tens of millions of animals are killed every...
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It's hard to feel sorry for sharks, and there's a lot of new information about them. Some of it makes one feel sorry for them, while other news makes us feel that maybe they ought to all be destroyed. For instance, in South Africa, sunbathers and swimmers saw a tourist being gobbled up by a gigantic shark. When it was all over, nothing was...

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It's Hard to Feel Sorry for Sharks, But?

Sometimes sharks like to eat US when we're swimming, but without them, WE'RE not going to be able to eat much shellfish. Fewer big sharks in the oceans led to the destruction of North Carolina?s bay scallop fishery and inhibits the recovery of depressed scallop, oyster and clam populations along the Atlantic Coast.

A team of Canadian and...

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Terrors of the Deep

Hundreds of sharks were recently sighted off central Florida's west coast,prompting officials to warn swimmers and scientists to wonder what luredthem there.

Bull sharks, hammerheads and nurse sharks were among those spotted in theshallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, northwest of Tampa. Some of the sharkswere up to 10 feet long. No one...

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