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A Surprising Aphrodesiac

Why do we keep our belly buttons all our lives, while in most mammals who nurse their young, these disappear when they mature? Scientists think they indicate the mating potential of fertile women.

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord supplies a baby with nutrients and oxygen from the mother. After birth, it's clamped and snipped, leaving...

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Boy or Girl?

Which parent determines the sex of their child? - It turns out that it's mostly up to the man?if you ARE the dad! It may also depend on whether or not dad smokes.

Researchers found that men were more likely to have sons if they had more brothers (and vice-versa if they had more sisters). The same link was not found for...

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Death During Sex

It's usually the man who has a heart attack during sex, because he's doing most of the "work." But in one recent case, it was the WOMAN who had a stroke..

Minutes after having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, a 35-year-old woman suddenly felt her left arm go weak. Her speech became slurred and she lost feeling on the...
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A Sexual Quest

The female quest for sexual orgasm has led to some strange research. Now scientists say they have finally found the first evidence of the existence of the elusive "G spot"--but only in some women. The G spot is supposed to control women's ability to have orgasms. Italian researchers examined the vaginas of 20 women with ultrasound and...
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It Doesn't Hurt...It Acutally Helps!

We once scandalized our readers by revealing that sperm is an excellent antidepressant. Now we're going to shock you again by reporting that masturbation may protect men from prostate cancer.

A new study shows that men can reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer if they masturbate regularly, because cancer-causing chemicals build up...

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Still Doing It

New research shows that old age does not stop people from enjoying sex. With Viagra, there is even less problem--but it COULD lead to a population explosion!

The little blue pill may do more than get the blood pumping. It turns out that Viagra also increases release of a reproductive hormone in rats. This could be the beginning of a...
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Do You Know the Facts of Life?

UPDATE - Are women's and men's brains alike or different? Find out what you really know about the subject of sex by taking this sex quiz. UPDATE: To learn all about aphrodisiacs, keep reading.

The brains of men and women may start out different, but once they become a couple, they tend to think alike. And people with...

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Bike Riding Could End Your Sex Life

Ten years ago, urologist Irwin Goldstein frightened many men when he said, "There are only two kinds of male cyclists: those who are impotent and those who will be impotent." We've written before about how bicycle riding can be the end of a man's sex life?and a woman's too. Most of us want to have an active sex life for a long time. Do the new...

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How Older Men Stay Sexy

There's no reason older guys can't still enjoy sex, but in order to perform, they need to be sure to get plenty of sleep! This may sound like a contradiction, but it's true: lack of sleep causes testosterone levels to drop in ALL men.

In, Robin Lloyd reports on sleep research that measured the testosterone levels in 12...

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How to Keep Your Lover Loyal

Will your new lover cheat on you? One way to avoid this is to make sure the two of you are genetically compatible.

A new study shows that a group of genes that are involved in your immune system can predict what type of person you will be sexually attracted to?as well as how faithful this person will be! In, Jeanna Bryner...

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Nudity the Norm?

Does the fact that Greek vases depict figures in the nude mean that the ancient Greeks saw beauty in the human body?as artists have throughout time?or at the Greeks often went without clothes?

In, Corey Binns quotes historian Jeffrey Hurwit as saying, "In ancient Greek art, there are many different kinds of nudity that...

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An Unfortunate Allergy

Not all women realize that semen is an antidepressant. But some women have the misfortune to be allergic to their partner's sperm?which can certainly cause problems. But don't despair?more frequent sex can be the cure!

Women who have vaginal itching, burning and other symptoms after intercourse may be allergic to their partner's semen....

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Subliminal Sex

Researchers have discovered that we can be influenced by sexy ads on TV, even when they are subliminal?in other words, they flash by too fast for us to be consciously aware of them.

In, Ker Than describes an experiment in which 40 men and women were shown subliminal erotic images that had been manipulated to bypass their...

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Sex in Space

If it takes generations to travel to other galaxies, this is something we'll have to deal with in the future, since one generation will leave the earth and another generation will arrive at the destination. One problem is?weightlessness.

NASA space physician Dr. James Logan says, "Sex in micro-g might be a little underwhelming. That is,...

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Is Discrimination Real? Try It Both Ways & See

How can you tell if women are discriminated against, especially in the field of science? One way is to have been both a male AND a female scientist.

Nine years ago male Stanford University of Medicine professor Ben Barres was a woman professor at the same institution who was named Barbara. He definitely feels he had more trouble...

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It's About Time: Birth Control for MEN

Women are getting tired of being the ones who have to do all the worrying and planning about contraception and are passing the responsibility on to men. Science is leading the way. Researchers are trying to find methods other than condoms or a vasectomy. They?re trying to find methods that are similar to the pills, sponges and diaphragms that...

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The Mathematics of Sex

When men and women are asked how many sexual partners they have had, men report having had far more than women, which is statistically impossible?unless the man is an artist. New research shows that professional artists and poets have two or three times as many sex partners as other people.

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Have Sex Before Speaking

Here's a tip that George Bush and other politicians could use: have sex before speaking in public. However, it has to be the "real" kind of sex, not the kind that Bill Clinton indulged in. One reason for this is that sperm is a powerful anti-depressant that raises serotonin levels.

New Scientist reports that psychologist Stuart Brody...

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Mars & Venus?Alike or Different?

Men's and women's brains are alike?except when they aren't. Scientists can't seem to agree on whether Mars and Venus are the same or different. Some think that the differences between men and women are vastly overestimated and the two sexes are more similar in personality, communication, cognitive ability than we realize. BUT others say men and...

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How Sex Influences Art

Steve Connor writes in the Independent about a new study showing that artists and poets have more sexual partners than ordinary people. This is true for women as well as men, and may be because sex is linked with creativity in the brain.

A survey found that creative people have twice as many sexual liaisons as non-artists. Many artists,...

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How Women Confuse Men

The beauty of Helen of Troy sent the ancient Greeks to war and now Canadian psychologists have proven it: men become irrational in the presence of female beauty.

Danny Penman writes in New Scientist that animal trainers know that if you want to train your dog, you need to give him an immediate reward. Only humans can postpone rewards...

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Riding a Bike Can End Your Sex Life

Riding a bicycle to work instead of driving may be good exercise, as well as good for the environment, but if you're a man, it can end your sex life. Doctors have found that pressure on the scrotum of a male bike rider can not only adversely affect the ability to get an erection, it can also affect libido, which is the desire to have sex. Many...

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Beach Volleyball Sags

Now that summer is over, some of us may look in a full length mirror and realize that, as author Gail Sheehan once wrote, "everything is a couple of inches lower than it used to be." This could be due to gravity, but it could also be the case if you played volleyball in a bathing suit, because according to a German surgeon, it can lead to...

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No Interest in Sex

A small number of adults have absolutely no interest in sex?in the UK, anyway. A psychologist looked at a poll of 18,00 people taken in 1994 in the UK, asking people about their sex lives, which contained the statement, "I've never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all." 1% of respondents said they felt this way.

A study of asexuals...

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Do You Think Like a Man or a Woman?

In a recent speech, Lawrence Summers, the president ofHarvard University, caused a controversy by suggesting thatthere may be fewer women mathematicians because women havedifferent brain structures than men. Although this speechraised the ire of feminists, it happens to be true:scientists now feel there are "male" and "female" brains,depending...

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Why Valentines Day is Healthy

Newswise - Chocolate, wine?and sex! It turns out that Valentine's Dayis one of the healthiest days of the year. A cardiologistsays these Valentine's Day traditions are the way to ahealthy heart. Cardiologist Melvyn Rubenfire says this is"one day of celebration that we should continue on a dailybasis."

He says, "...

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Sexy Voices

A new study shows that people with attractive voices aremore sexually adventurous. When researchers asked 149 menand women to rate the attractiveness of recorded voices,they found the most appealing voices belonged to peoplewho'd had sex at an earlier age and had more sexual partners.

Researcher Gordon Gallup says, "?Ratings of...

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Sexual Time Bomb in China

After the Chinese began to enforce a one-child-only policy,in an attempt to stem overpopulation, Chinese parents begancommitting "gendercide" by abandoning or aborting theirdaughters. Family planner Gu Baochang calls it "the largest,the highest, and the longest" gender imbalance in the world.This is a time bomb that is getting ready to explode...

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What's in a Name?

Would changing your name change the way people think aboutyou? Linguist Amy Perfors put photos with fake names on a"Hot or Not" website and found that some names wereconsidered "hot"?while others definitely were not.

In case you've ever thought changing your name might improveyour social life, Perfors found that men with names that had"...

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Sex Before Sports: Good or Bad?

Should Olympic, and other, athletes have sex before theircompetitions? Many coaches have banned it, saying it sapsathletes' energy, but not everyone agrees. Baseball managerCasey Stengel said, "Being with a woman all night never hurtno professional baseball player. It's staying up all nightlooking for a woman that does him in."

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