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Want to Live Longer? Be a Woman

Women who live to be 100 or more are rare--but not as rare as men who do. In the UK, five times as many women as men receive the "congratulations" birthday card from the Queen on their 100th birthdays. Life expectancy has been steadily improving for both sexes in most developed countries, but it's been improving more for men than for...
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Men, We'll Miss 'Em

You may not have noticed, but women are now on top. They're supporting their families during the recession, because they're more flexible--they're better at adapting to major changes in the economy and...
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Men and Women See Things Differently

They really do! A new study reveals that the way that the visual centers of men and women's brains works is different: Men have greater sensitivity to fine detail and rapidly moving stimuli, but women are better at discriminating between colors. In fact, most of the people who are colorblind...
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