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Shoes Containing Severed Feet Washing Up on Pacific Coast Again

It's happening again. Another wave of 'Dexter'-style discoveries have been occurring on the shores of Canada and the United States.
Since August 20, 2007, there have been reports of severed feet washing up on the shores of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian lakes. Typically the limbs are always right feet and wearing a running shoe, though a...
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Another One

Is this some kind of conspiracy?--because it's happening again: Severed feet are washing up on the shores of British Columbia. A human foot washed up on a Washington State island Friday morning, raising the total number of feet found on beaches in that part of Canada since 2007 to a total of 9.

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The Severed Feet Mystery Deepens

Investigators have made some progress in solving the mystery of the severed feet (encased in sneakers) that have been washing up on a beach near Vancouver. DNA testing has linked one of the feet to a depressed man who disappeared a year ago. Two of the five feet belonged to one man and one foot was from a woman, but neither of these people have...

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Severed Feet Wash Up on Beach

In a grisly variation on the cat and cattle mutilations that Dreamland science reporter Linda Howe has been telling us about, severed human feet still wearing running shoes have been floating to shore in British Columbia. Stranger still: they are always right feet and the shoes they are wearing are always size 12.

Three of these...
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