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What's Next for the Segway Man?

Dean Kamen, the engineer who invented the Segway, started out by inventing a wheelchair that can climb stairs. Many people felt that after this, the Segway was an anti-climax, and they haven't done well on the market. But Kamen's new idea, two devices that will bring electricity and clean water to rural third-world villages, could be inventions...

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Whatever Happened to the Segway Revolution?

Weren't we supposed to stop walking and driving and startusing Segways instead? Despite all the hype about this newinvention, it remains just a toy?and an expensive one, atthat. They've been purchased by a few post offices and bysome businesses with large warehouses, but that's about it.One problem is that most municipalities have made it...

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Segways in Battle

It's a scene we'd all love to see on the evening news: a battle where soldiers aren't in tanks, Humvees or Bradley fighting vehicles?they're riding circles around the enemy on their Segways.

Michael P. Regan writes in that we may see it a version of this someday, since the Pentagon is planning to base battlefield robots on the...

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Ginger Fights Crime

You hear the siren and see the flashing lights out of the corner of your eye?not another ticket! You pull over and along comes?a cop on a Segway scooter?

It could happen to you in Atlanta, where the police are riding the new $9,000 scooters. The police have invested in a battalion of Segway Human Transporter vehicles. The battery-...

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