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Is Climate Change Threatening National Security?

In the wake of the National Climate Assessment released last week in the United States, global warming is, to pardon the pun, one of the hottest topics in the news at the moment, and with extremely good reason.
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Surveillance Technologies May Soon Make Anonymity Impossible

It is no secret that, in civilised society, "Big Brother" is very likely to be watching us whenever we venture into public places and, thanks to facial recognition software utilised by retail outlets, "Big Brother" is not only watching, but also knows our names and many other personal details.

Facial recognition...
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Spy Agencies Exploit Smartphone Apps in Trawl for Personal Information

It seems that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)have become extremely inventive in their unending search for personal information.

Top secret documents have revealed that Smartphone apps transmitting user details across the internet are now providing a wealth of sensitive...
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Are We Secure?

If you're getting ready to fly home for Christmas, you have to ask yourself this: Are airport scans and pat downs making us safer or playing into the hands of terrorists? Are they even...
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Naked at the Airport

Is this the description of a nightmare? It will be reality soon, if a new kind of scanner starts being used. You'll step behind it, dressed normally, while X-rays bounce off you and produce a black-and-white image that reveals if you're carrying plastic weapons or explosives?and also displays a nude image of your body.

The government...

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Life as a Science Fiction Movie

Imagine your entire life, including all your travels and experiences, every e-mail you've ever sent, every relationship you've ever had, book or magazine you?ve read, every phone call you've made or received and TV show you've watched, every purchase you've made?all of it accessible by computer! A GPS implant would allow anyone to locate you...

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