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Kids Not Doing Well in School? Drug 'Em

We live in an age where more and more kids seem to have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), which makes them restless and inattentive in class. Nearly one in five high school age boys in the United States and 11% of school-age children over all have...
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It's Now Against the Law to be a Kid

More and more US schools have their own police forces. Pupils are being arrested for throwing paper planes and failing to pick up crumbs from the cafeteria floor. The state has taken over discipline from the classroom teacher and is now criminalizing normal childhood...
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Instant Learning is in Your future

New research suggests it may be possible to learn high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort. It may be possible to use brain technology to learn to play a piano, reduce mental stress or...
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How to Survive School

Knowing the right way to handle stress in the classroom and on the sports field can make the difference between success and failure for the millions of students who are back in school this...
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Back to School, Back to Bullies?

Bullying: Although it’s often mistakenly considered a normal part of growing up, bullying is a serious problem that affects millions of children and adolescents. Almost 30% of US teens--more than 5.7 million--are estimated to be involved in bullying as either a bully, a target of bullying, or both.
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The Classroom Today

On Martin Luther King Day, we remember the hard task of integrating our society--starting with our schools. Now there's another reason why this is important: it turns out that the good grades that high schoolers earn aren't just good for making the honor roll--they also make them healthier as adults, too.

Studies have long shown that...
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What's Wrong with our Schools?

They're in the wrong PLACES! - Living near major highways has been linked to childhood asthma, and so is going to school that is located near a highway, despite the fact that time spent at school only accounts for about one third of children's waking hours. As a new school-building program develops across the country, we need...

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Back to School: The Problem That Never Goes Away

Bullies: it turns out EVERYONE is a victim, including the bullies THEMSELVES - Now that school is starting, the perpetual problem of bullies is on people's minds again. Whether you or your child is beginning his or her first day of kindergarten, or starting that last year of high school, bullying is a reality every student will...

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Back to School!

Answers to the questions everyone wants to know - There have been movements in recent years to teach boys and girls in separate classrooms, since they tend to learn at different rates and often need extra work in different subjects. But a new study shows that boys do BETTER in school if there are girls in the classroom! And...

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ADHD May be Racial

We've learned that your immune system is racial, and we also know that sometimes one gene for a disease can be protective, while two genes are bad. Black students seem to be more at risk for attention-deficit disorder, which causes problems in school?could this be linked to their ancestors?

Science Daily reports that a tendency to...

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To Solve School Problems, Study Bugs!

We recently reported on a lot of strange traits in cockroaches. In its ability to learn, the cockroach is a moron in the morning and a genius in the evening (some of us are that way too, especially if we don't get enough sleep). This is why scientists are studying these bugs.

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School All Year?

Now that summer is over and exhausted parents have sent their kids back to school, an ongoing question arises once again: should kids go to school all year? New research has found that students in "year-round" schools don't learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools. And if kids go to school full-time, they won't have enough...

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