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Britain Speaks Out for Saudi Women

Despite our feminist politicians, it hasn't happened here: British Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair told the Saudi ambassador to Britain that his country has an "appalling image" in the West because they treat women not as equals, but as "some sort of other."

Marie Woolf writes in the Independent that Blair made her remarks to Prince...

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An Evil Saudi Prince

In the 1980s, Saudi Arabian Prince Salman arranged to send of thousands of soldiers to fight a holy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, where they later established al-Qaeda. Now U.S. intelligence thinks Salman is sending Saudi volunteers to Iraq to wage holy war against American soldiers.

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U.S. Plans to Dump Saudis

The U.S. plans to move its troops from Saudi Arabia to Iraq, after the war there. The new U.S. national security policy will promote democracy in the Middle East and launch an offensive against terrorists, as well as their state sponsors. "The Sept. 11 events have changed the U.S. attitude not only towards Iraq but the entire region, with which...

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Strange Animal Behavior--Maybe They're Evolving

Los Angeles Times, Fox News - In Saudi Arabia recently, a group of baboons waited three days to take revenge on a human being, until a driver who had run over one of their group drove down the same road again. When they spotted the car, the of the baboons gave signal, and they all attacked, throwing stones until they broke his...

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