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MERS Goes Global in 18 Countries: Was It Originally Engineered to be Race-Specific?

The new SARS-like virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS), is spreading across the planet, and the World Health Organisation has labelled it a "threat to the entire world."

The virus, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) originally said would never pose a threat outside the Middle East, has...
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New Flu in the Middle East

It's time to begin paying attention to the new SARS-like virus found in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While only six cases have been identified so far, two of the patients died. Lots of Saudis travel to the West on business--will it spread to this country?

In Forbes, David DiSalvo reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an...
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SARS Tears

Having SARS may make you want to cry, but if you do, youcould infect others, since the SARS virus has been found inthe tears of infected people. Hopefully, a vaccine will beready before SARS arrives in the U.S.

Doctors have found that tears can be used as a way toidentify SARS patients early, before they can infect manyother people....

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The Fatal Flush

While the latest SARS case in China escaped from a laboratory where it was being studied, most of last year's SARS epidemic wasn't spread from person to person?it was spread by one person flushing the toilet.

Amanda Gardner writes in that despite all the SARS research, scientists still can't figure out how the virus was...

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Is Bird Flu the Next SARS?

Researchers say most of the human diseases of the future will be passed to us from animals. Right now, bird flu from Asian chicken farms is killing people in Vietnam. That seems too far away to affect us, but then so did SARS, when it was first discovered in China. The World Health Organization thinks avian flu may become an even bigger...

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SARS Returns in More Dangerous Strain

Two new cases of SARS in China brings back fears that the epidemic may return. China is destroying large numbers of civet cats, the carriers of the disease, but the man who has just recovered from SARS says he's never eaten the animal. A second suspected case is a 20-year-old waitress who worked in a restaurant serving wild game. Researcher...

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SARS Kills Because it's a Hybrid

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) spreads so quickly and is so hard to treat, despite being related to the common cold, because it's formed from a rare combination of mammalian and avian viruses. That makes it unrecognizable by human immune systems.

Geneticist David Guttman found that the proteins on the left side of the virus...

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You Can Get SARS from Your Cat

House cats and ferrets can get the SARS virus and can probably pass it on to us. This makes sense given that the virus originated with civet cats in China, before it jumped to humans. Disease expert Robert Shope says, "You might want to quarantine the pets as well as the people."

But housecats didn't play a direct role in the recent SARS...

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There's a SARS Gene

Why did SARS only become an epidemic in China and in Toronto, the part of Canada where many Chinese emigrants live? Scientists have found a genetic susceptibility to SARS that explains this puzzle.

Maggie Fox writes that a variant in an immune system gene called human leukocyte antigen, or HLA, makes certain patients much more likely to...

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Is SARS Gone for Good?

We haven't licked SARS yet, despite the news that a recent SARS-like outbreak in a Canadian nursing home was not caused by the SARS virus. Anthropologist Richard V. Lee says, "There's going to be another SARS sometime; there's no doubt about it."

Laboratory tests show the virus responsible for the respiratory illness that recently...

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Milder SARS Infecting Canada

SARS is back in Canada, after they thought they'd finally gotten rid of it. The good news is that it's a milder version of the disease. Viruses mutate, which is why it's hard to get rid of them for good. In this case, SARS seems to be mutating into a less deadly form.

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Has SARS Been Stopped?

Gro Harlem Brundtland, head of the World Health Organization, says, "We have seen SARS stopped dead in its tracks," and says China holds the key to whether it stays that way.

WHO's David Heymann says, "China certainly is the key to this outbreak in many respects, particularly because China has been able to contain this outbreak." China...

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SARS Researchers Discover Another New Virus

Researchers searching for SARS have discovered another new virus in American children. At the Yale School of Medicine, they found that 19 out of 296 local children they studied had respiratory infections of an unknown cause?but they didn't have SARS. The new virus is called hMPV, and its discovery solves a long mystery about where certain...

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SARS Lives 3 Days on Surfaces

The reason SARS passes so easily from one person to another has been discovered: the SARS virus can live for as long as 3 days on walls, glass, plastic, stainless steel and other common household and hospital surfaces. WHO spokesman Iain Simpson says, "It is very difficult to give it a specific length of time because it varies from surface to...

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SARS Came from Civet Cats

Scientists have finally traced the animal host from which the SARS virus mutated and jumped to human beings: the civet cat. At first it was thought that SARS originated with birds, as most flu viruses have recently. Virus samples from civet cats are very similar to the virus that causes SARS in humans. "It is highly likely that the virus jumped...

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Dogs Killed Due to SARS Fears

While viruses can mutate and spread from animals to man, there's no evidence this has ever happened between dogs and humans, and we can't catch diseases directly from dogs (or vice-versa). The only thing they can give us is fleas and parasites; however, the Chinese fear dogs are one of the reasons SARS is spreading, so people are beginning to...

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Kids Get Less Serious SARS

One piece of good news about SARS: Children seem to have milder symptoms and be less infectious than adults. Out of 333 people killed by the disease, not one of them has been a child. A study of 10 Hong Kong children with SARS showed that kids under the age of eight had far milder symptoms than teenagers and adults. "SARS in young children does...

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SARS Tourist Detained Against His Will

The New York City Health Department detained a foreign tourist against his will for a week after he checked into a hospital with SARS symptoms but refused to be quarantined for the mandatory 10 days. He had stopped in Hong Kong on his way to New York. After his fever went down, he wanted to leave the hospital so he could go sightseeing and to a...

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SARS from Space

Two British microbiologists say SARS may have come from space, riding on a comet. Microbiologist Dr. Milton Wainwright says, "Several aspects of the SARS outbreak appear to fit this general scheme."

Debris from a comet, including the SARS virus, could have arrived in the stratosphere. It would have reached the Himalayas, whose high...

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How SARS Mutates & Spreads

SARS is now attacking the intestines as well as the respiratory system. Hong Kong virologist Malik Peiris says this indicates the virus has mutated and will make it harder to develop a vaccine or a medicine for the disease. Tom Buckley, of the intensive care unit at Hong Kong's Princess Margaret Hospital, says organ failure is now becoming more...

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SARS Contained in U.S. & Parts of Canada?So Far

There are fewer cases of SARS in the U.S. than was previously thought. The number of SARS cases dropped from 208 to 35, thanks to new techniques for identifying SARS. CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding says, "I think we did cast a very wide net early on?We have a test available now and that is going to help us sort out the cases truly related to...

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2nd Hong Kong Apartment Bldg Quarantined

Nine residents of another Hong Kong apartment building have come down with SARS, meaning that a second apartment building may be quarantined, with no one allowed to enter or leave. Doctors think the SARS epidemic in Koway Court was started by a resident who sold fast-food near the Amoy Gardens housing estate, where more than 320 people have...

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SARS Mutating, Making Cure Unlikely

A group of SARS patients in Hong Kong have unusual symptoms that make doctors think the virus may be mutating and becoming more severe. The 300 patients at the quarantined Amoy Gardens apartment building there have more serious cases of SARS than most other patients. Also, SARS seems to be targeting younger, healthier people, unlike the early...

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What are Your Chances of Dying of SARS?

An enzyme test that detects lung damage could help determine which patients are more likely to die from SARS, which has already killed 103 people worldwide. Dr. Joseph Sung of Hong Kong's Prince of Wales Hospital is trying to figure out why some patients die from SARS, while most survive. This is important to know, since health officials have...

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SARS Typhoid Mary Infected 100 People

Researchers think that some people may be more susceptible to SARS than others, and that some may be "Super Spreaders"?Typhoid Mary types who are able to spread SARS rapidly to others. 26-year-old flight attendant Esther Mok is one of these. She went to Hong Kong to shop but came home with SARS, and spread it to over 100 people in Singapore,...

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Cockroaches Spread SARS

Experts trying to explain how SARS infected an entire apartment building in Hong Kong now think the cause was cockroaches, who carried the infection from apartment to apartment. It's a unique situation because the disease spread so quickly?with more than 300 new cases in just a few days. Most of those who became infected did not have contact...

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Chinese Citizens Kept in Dark About SARS

We've finally taken a cue from the Canadians and passed a bill allowing us to quarantine SARS patients against their will, if necessary. Why wasn't this done in China? Instead, SARS was kept secret by their government-controlled media. A Western journalist describes taking a plane for Guangzhou, the province where SARS originated, and noticing...

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Scientist Calls SARS Manmade Epidemic

Historical epidemiologist Peter Curson says a lot more infectious diseases like SARS will be spreading worldwide in the future due to our underestimation of the power of viruses and bacteria. He says SARS is a monster of man's own making, along with other new diseases like AIDS and Ebola. Human behavior has created a situation where basically...

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