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Salt Has a Bad Reputation

Sugar can make you stupid and margarine makes you aggressive and salt gives you high blood pressure, right? Wrong.

Nutritionists used to tell us that salt would raise our blood pressure, cause...
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Are Potato Chips as Dangerous as We Think They Are?

A new eight year long European study concludes that salt consumption is not dangerous and may in fact be GOOD. This is certainly contrary to advice from American Medical Association, American Heart Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which says higher sodium consumption can increase the risk of heart disease. It’s...
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If it Doesn't Rain...

When the farmlands of California and Australia are facing a drought, what can they do? They could continue producing food if they could only irrigate their crops with saltwater.

Now an international team of scientists has found a way to do just that. They have developed salt-tolerant plants using a new type of genetic modification,...

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Should We Ban Salt?

Most people consume far too much salt, and researchers are trying to figure out why we crave it. It might put us in a better mood (but there are other things that do this as well).

Psychologist Kim Johnson found that when rats are deficient in sodium chloride (common table salt) they shy away from activities they normally enjoy, like...

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Why You Like Potato Chips

When snacks are laid out, do you find yourself reaching for the salted nuts and potato chips? A new scientific study explains why some people like salt more than others. It may be related to how much you weighed when you were born. Salt can contribute to high blood pressure, but not all high sodium foods taste salty.

Nutritionists have...

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