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Sniffer Dogs

And sniffer mice - We're all familiar with dogs that sniff out illicit drugs, but the sniffer dogs you see at airports are generally used to detect food brought in from other countries and states. But here's a new one: Sniffer dogs that detect DISEASE. Could they sniff out eggs tainted with Salmonella? Maybe we should all just...

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Snakes Can Kill You in Surprising Ways

A pet snake may have caused the death of a woman who died after receiving a tainted blood transfusion. Salmonella bacteria from the snake may have contaminated the blood given by the blood donor. Another woman became ill following a transfusion from the same donor, but she survived. Snakes carry salmonella bacteria (the same bacteria that...

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Salmonella More Dangerous Than Ever

A lethal strain of salmonella that's resistant to at leastnine antibiotics is spreading rapidly across the US. Representative Henry Waxman, D-CA, says multi-drug-resistant salmonella Newport is a "growing and serious threat," and has sent a warning letter to the Dept. of Agriculture.

Salmonella can be caught from improperly stored food...

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How to Avoid a Dangerous Turkey

Cooks need to be aware that about 13 percent of raw U.S. turkeys carry salmonella, a bacteria that can produce severe flu-like symptoms if the bird is not thoroughly cooked or if raw turkey is allowed to contaminate kitchen surfaces.

Government data shows the rate of salmonella contamination in raw turkey is higher than for other raw...

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Organic Chicken More Dangerous??

Organic chickens are three times more likely than conventionally-bred poultry to be contaminated with a bacterium that causes food-poisoning. A team at the Danish Veterinary Laboratory found that all 22 organic flocks they investigated were infected with Campylobacter ? one of the most common causes of food poisoning. Only one third of 79...

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