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Everything in the Whitley Strieber collection is now HALF OFF, and all books continue to come with a free personally signed Whitley Strieber bookplate. So visit's Whitley Strieber Collection today and get a 50% discount on everything you...
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Can't Get Enough?

If you simply can't get enough wonderful books and DVDs, we have good news: there are still a few GREAT items left on our shelves. But we only have ONE left of the following items, so you have only one more chance to figure out how to use your intuition(if you have the gift). And last, but NOT least, find out how our government REALLY OPERATES...

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Not much Left

We only have one or two of most items left: have you got YOUR bargain yet? Ourmusic store is completely SOLD OUT and our UFO category is going fast too. We've slashed prices to clear our shelves for some exciting new DVDs, so if you want to get some of these extraordinary bargains, you need to act fast. And remember, subscribers, save an...

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Last Day $5 Off on Communion Letters

This is the last day you can get $5 off on The Communion Letters, Whitley and Anne's amazing compendium of the very best letters they received about people?s ET experiences. Read stories about contact in experiencers' own words?there's never been anything else like it! The discount coupon automatically deducts $5 from your total when you check...

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Sale Ends at Midnight Tonight (Memorial Day)

Our latestsale, with 10%off EVERYTHING, is just about over?the store coupon expiresat midnight tonight. So shop for everything you wantbefore the witching hour?and get great bargains on everysingle item in our store.Subscribersautomatically get a 10% discount on store items, making atotal of 20% off!

NOTE: This news story,...

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We wanted to have a sale, but instead of making individualdecisions about each of our many wonderful store items, wedecided to slash prices 10% across the board! This will makeroom on our shelves for the wonderful books and DVDs we'llfeature on future Dreamland and Mysterious Powers shows.Subscribers: Youcan take an EXTRA 10% off everything you...

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Sale Ends at Midnight

Our sale ends MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! We'vereduced every single item an additonal 5%, so this thechance to get that book or CD you've had your eye on for solong, but hurry?we only have one or two left of many ofthese items! What were thePhoenixLights? They're still going on and if you act right away,you can still get an extra 5% off this Dreamland...

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Our Shelves are Almost Bare

We have only one copy left of many of the books on our newsale and more of them sell out every day.To find out which books are still available, keep reading so you can order them before they disappear fromour store forever!

We have only a few copies left of:I?m Still Hungry,Lab257, PastLives Future Lives,CIA?sControl of Candy Jones,...

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Our Sale Books are Going Fast

...And our shelves are getting cleaner every day. We'vealready sold out of one item and many more are about todisappear from our store forever--so act now to get thosebooks you've always wanted to read at a discount price! Keepreading to find out what's on sale.

Many of us make our New Year's resolutions in the fall,instead of in January...

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Sale's End

Our latest sale has been phenomenal?books have been sailing out of our store. The most we have left of any of our titles is 6, and all of them will be sold out soon. Keep reading for details!

We have 6 left of Bigfoot. If you've ever been interested in finding out the facts about this mysterious critter, this is the book for you. We also...

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We're Almost Down to Zero

We're down to zero on most of our sale books, but we still have a few left, and most of these will probably be abducted by our readers this weekend. If you missed one of these great reads, now's your chance to catch up?at a great price! Keep reading for details.

Did you know that scientists have proved it is possible to contact the dead...

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Our Sale Ends at Midnight Tonight!

DOUBLE Storewide Discounts added to all orders automatically!Price Discounts:$20-39.99 = 4%, $40.00-59.99 = 6%, $60.00 or more = 8%.PLUS $2.00 off per order with Christmas Coupon Code!One coupon per order. Coupon may be re-used on new orders until sale ends at midnight, January 15.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on...

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Sailing Out of the Store

Books are sailing out of our store, due to our overstock sale. We've reduced some of our titles to COST. There are wonderful books on Atlantis, buried treasure, mysterious crypto-creatures, and a secret cave--only a few copies left of this one!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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Almost Gone for Good

Our sale has been so successful that we only have a few copies left of some of your favorite titles. Here are books we have 5 or less of?and for many of them, there's only one copy left!

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Zooming Out of Our Store

Some of our most popular books, now on sale, are literally zooming out of our store. For instance, we have only 6 copies left of DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Realm of the Ring Lords, only 5 of The Lost Tomb of Viracocha and Signs of the Times, only 4 Alien Energy, only 3 Egyptian Mystics, Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar and War on Freedom...

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Going Fast!

Check our sale section?the shelves are clearing fast. We've only got one Afterlife Experiments, Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy, No Such Thing as Doomsday, Crop Circles: Signs of Contact, Unholy Alliance and UFOs Prophecy and the End of Time left. We have 2 copies of The Stargate Chronicles and Practical Psychic Self-Defense. We have three...

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The books on our Only a Few Left sale are going fast, and some have already sold out! Some of our fastest-moving items are Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy (we had 5 left, now there are only 3); The Afterlife Experiments (we had 4, now we have only 2); The Stargate Chronicles (there were 6, now are only 3); and Historical Deception (were 5...

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Only a Few Left!

As a result of all our sales, we have only a few copies left of what have been some of our most popular books. We want to clear them out in order to make space for the wonderful new titles we plan to carry in the future. Meanwhile, you can get a bargain on a book you've always wanted to own?but you have to act quickly, or it will be gone. Read...

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A History-Making Sale

Some of our most popular Dreamland guests write books that take a completely new look at the past, and now some of your favorites are on sale. Read on to find out what we've learned about history this year on Dreamland.

Was there really an Atlantis, and if so, what happened to it?

Do we really understand what the ancient...

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It's not Paranoia?Conspiracy Books Really are on Sale

It's too hot to go out, so we should all stay home and read. We're encouraging you to do that by continuing our special summer sale. This week, we're adding conspiracy books to our sale section. For the list of conspiracy books on sale, keep reading.

Have we got The Best Democracy Money Can Buy? Read this provocative book and see what...

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Music on Sale Too!

We've added new items to the sale section of our store. These are some of our most popular books, so check 'em out. For those of you not familiar with the wonderful music of Ray Lynch (who wrote the theme for Dreamland), we've put two of his CDs on sale as well.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will...

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Vampires Still Available

We still have a few copies left of Whitley Strieber's vampire trilogy. All books are autographed. They are Lilith?s Dream (the most amazing vampire you?ll ever meet), The Last Vampire (Miriam chased through the vampire tunnels of Paris), and his classic, The Hunger.

Our January Sale is still going on as well, with lots of great book...

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Four Titles Sold Out!

Four titles are already SOLD OUT in our January White (pages) Sale, so get there before the book you want is gone. We've marked down a group of wonderful books, including "The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI," "Galactic Alignment" (why the Mayans predicted in the end of the world in 2012), "Legends of the Star Ancestors" (American Indian...

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Special Sale on Wm. Henry Books

One of our most popular radio guests?and our bookstore?s best selling author?William Henry, will be on Dreamland this Saturday, October 26, to talk about his brand new book ?Cloak of the Illuminati.? In honor of his appearance, we?ve slashed the prices on all of his current titles $2, meaning you get $8 off his Basic Set and $6 off his...

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New Items on Sale! (Only a Few Left)

We?re cleaning off our shelves and have added lots of new titles to the sale section of our store. Many of these books have only a couple of copies left, so don?t delay. If you?ve had your eye on a book for a long time, now?s your chance to get it at a discount! If you?ve wanted to take a chance on a certain title, this is the time to do it. To...

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Big Book Sale!

We only have a few copies left of some of the wonderful books in the bookstore, so we are slashing prices on these volumes. All of these authors have been popular guests on Dreamland radio. To find out what titles are on sale,click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any...

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