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Why We're Partly to Blame for Saddam

In a devastating article in the British newspaper The Independent, Robert Fisk writes that Saddam Hussein, who has just been sentenced to death for his war crimes, committed these crimes when he was "Washington's best friend in the Arab world." The US not only knew all about his atrocities, we even supplied the chemical weapons he used against...

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Understanding Saddam Hussein

On June 15, popular guest William Henry came on Dreamland totell us that Saddam Hussein believes he is the reincarnationof Nebuchadnezzar, a legendary Babylonian king who ismentioned in the Old Testament.

CIA psychological profiler Jerrold Post agrees and saysSaddam "represents the most dangerous personality[type]."Basically, he's a...

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Saddam Tortures Children

An assassination attempt on Saddam Hussein?s son Qusai, who is the heir to his throne, means that succession may not be as smooth as Saddam would like. There are rumors that Saddam may want to voluntarily step down in favor of Qusai, in order to gather favor with Europe. He also may want to appease the U.S., since Bush has announced he would...

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Saudis Bringing al Qaeda Terrorists Home

Starting in January, Saudi Arabia airlifted hundreds of al-Qaeda terrorists from Iran on government jets and brought them home. The Saudi terrorists had escaped into Iran while running from U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

We are supposed to be allies of Saudi Arabia and we sell them a large number of weapons; however, 15 of the 19 suicide...

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Saddam May Step Down Before He?s Taken Out

The French newspaper L?Express reports that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may be stepping down soon in favor of his younger son Qusai. Saddam has 2 sons, Qusai and Uday, and it has long been assumed that Qusai will succeed his father, since he already controls Iraq's armed forces.

For Saddam, putting Qusai in control makes sense,...

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Did Saddam Send the Anthrax? Experts Say Yes.

While the US Administration, at the urging of Secretary of State Colin Powell, continues to ignore Saddam Hussein, evidence builds that he is not only an architect of the Attack on America, but also the source of the anthrax spores that are being spread through the country.

General Powell argued forcefully in 1991 that the United States...

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