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Accuweather Says 'Superstorm' Possible

Accuweather is predicting that the remains of HurricaneWilma and Tropical Storm Alpha could meet in the Atlanticsouth of the US midatlantic states on Tuesday and createsevere weather conditions in the area. Under the headline"Super Storm 2005 to Hit Northeast," Accuweather explainsthat Wilma and the remains of Tropical Storm Alpha will bepulled...

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Unsettled Weather Lurks Near S. America--Is it Coming Our Way?

An unsettled area of weather between South America and theisland of Hispaniola appears to be becoming more organized.This area has not yet been declared a tropical depression,and may not be, but conditions are good to advance this intoan organized storm system. If this happens, it will be yetanother hurricane forming in the western instead of...

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Huge Watch Area but Rita Weakens as N.O. Floods Again

Hurricane force winds are expected to strike from PortO'Connor, Texas to Morgan City, Louisana tomorrow morning,but Hurricane Rita is not at this time gaining energy. It isnow a Category 3 hurricane with winds up to 125 MPH and maywell weaken more over the next 24 hours before it makeslandfall. Nevertheless, it is still classed as a...

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Nuke Plant in Rita's Path to Shut Down

An enormous nuclear power plant, the South Texas Project, isin the path of Hurricane Rita. The plant is located inMatagorda County, between Bay City and Palacios. STP's tworeactors produce 2,500 megawatts of electricity, enough formore than one million homes and businesses. Plantspokesperson Sheila Ormand says that the plant is equippedto...

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Rita Likely to Enter Gulf

Hurricane Rita is now impacting the Florida Keys and Cuba,and the front of the eyewall, with sustained winds at or inexcess of 100 miles an hour, is going to strike the Keysdirectly. The storm has been re-designated as a category 2hurricane, and is well organized. It is also on a coursethat will take it into the Gulf of Mexico, and it...

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