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Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Let's Take A Walk On Our Shadowside...

We are counting down the week to Halloween here at Unknown Country! Whatever your personal beliefs about this archaic and arcane tradition, this is a good time to examine the shadow-sides of our personality and the importance of recognising the purpose of the dark side in each and every one of us.

The term “shadow” was...
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Are The World’s Religions Ready For The Arrival of Extra-Terrestrials?

In 1930, Albert Einstein was asked for his opinion about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. “Other beings, perhaps, but not men,” he answered. Then he was asked whether science and religion conflict. “Not really, though it depends, of course, on your religious views.”

Over the past 10 years,...
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Catholic Church Opens Their Doors to Extra-Terrestrials

Religion has always been an emotive subject, and never more so than when introducing the idea of extra-terrestrial life to the devout. For some reason, most organised religions on the planet have rejected the idea of off-earth life forms as being somehow blasphemous.

Why God, who or whatever you believe Him to be, would exclude those...
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Can Spirituality Change Our Brain and Prevent Depression?

A recent study has indicated that the practice of regular spiritual activity can help alleviate and protect against depression.

The study, which was published online by JAMA Psychiatry, showed that a thickening of the brain cortex was associated with regular meditation or other spiritual or religious practice, and could be the reason...
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The Religious Way to Diet

The ancient Greeks warned that excessive consumption of food would disrupt the four humors in the human body. The ancient Buddhist and Confucian traditions, as well as Christianity and Islam, encourage moderation and disparage gluttony, as well. The Jewish Talmud teaches that people should eat enough to fill a third of their stomachs, drink...
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Saint Nix

Mother Teresa was no saint, at least according to new research. At a time when we're becoming disillusioned with our Catholic clergy, here's another blow to our beliefs.

Psychologists Serge Lariv...
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Will the Next Pope be Black?

Africa is the continent where Catholicism is strongest, unlike Europe, where people are becoming more secular--even in Italy, home of the Vatican. The exiting Pope Benedict will have a lot of influence on who will be chosen to succeed him.
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Why Most People are Religious

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to religion, and in the US, around 80% of adults say they belong to an organized religion. Psychologists, sociologists and neurologists are still trying to figure out why some people...
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Why Religion Makes People Happy

During the Christmas season, many people attend religious services who normally don't set foot inside a church. It's long been known that religious people are generally happier, but what's their "secret ingredient?" It turns out it's two things:...
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Religion May Have Made Us Human

In the grim struggles of prehistory, early religion may have provided humans a way to relate to each other and the world around them, offering significant survival and reproductive advantages.

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Church Keeps You Healthy

Christmas is a season of spiritual wonder. We know that prayer works, but going to church?

A new study strongly suggests that regular attendance at religious services reduces the risk of death by approximately 20%. And new archeological findings have unearthed evidence that over a thousand years ago, people believed that the soul was...

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Do Unto Others

UPDATE from Marla Frees! - Many people think that Jesus was the author of "the golden rule," but he was actually demonstrating his scholarship by quoting Rabbi Hillel. But is this a good rule to live by? Only if by "doing unto others," you're talking about POSITIVE things.

Psychologists have discovered that, in everyday...

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Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?

When Anne Strieber lived among fundamentalists, she was appalled at their ignorance about what's actually in the Bible. On this week's Dreamland, popular authors William Henry and Laurence Gardner have a lively discussion about the recent TV documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Whitley's response to the TV show is an incredible journal on this...

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The Trouble With Religion

Billy Graham, the minister who evangelized George W. Bush, was not a supporter of Martin Luther King. Now that the voters have struck a strong note against religious fundamentalism in government, this is something worth thinking about.

Using previously unpublished documents, religious studies professor Michael Long says that the popular...

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Speaking in Tongues

Glossolalia, otherwise referred to as "speaking in tongues," has been around for thousands of years, and references to it can be found in the Old and New Testament. The person appears to be speaking in an incomprehensible language, yet perceives it to have great personal meaning. Now scientists are attempting to explain what actually happens to...

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Religion Doesn't Mean Morality

The Times of London reports that societies are much worse off when they have "God on their side." This is because they don't really have God on their side (which assumes that God takes sides), it's because of the kind of POLITICIANS that claim to have God on their side, like the recently embarrassed Tom DeLay. Every cruel dictator who has ever...

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Ancient Documents Miraculously Decoded

Thousands of previously illegible manuscripts containingwork by some of the greatest classical writers who everlived can be read for the first time, due to new technologywhich will reveal the secrets of the ancient world. Thefaded ink on these manuscript pages, which is invisibleunder ordinary light, comes clearly into view when placedunder an...

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Star Wars Religion

Newswise - Some fans of Star Wars, including fans of the newestentry, "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," consider watchingthese films to be a religious experience. Two religionprofessors at different universities have studied the roleof religion in science fiction and say that movies like theStar Wars series can be more...

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Scientists Say Religious Belief is Genetic

Anthropologists are studying twins to find out how muchgenes influence our belief in God. Because the families wegrow up in and the schools we attend (especially religiousschools) have a big influence on our future beliefs,identifying our "God Genes" is easier to do when we'reolder. Researcher Laura Koenig says, "Behavioral geneticistswant to...

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The Truth Behind the Ominous 666

Tom Anderson writes in the Independent that 666 is NOT the"number of the beast"?that's actually 616. A newlydiscovered fragment of the book of Revelation, from theoldest copy of the New Testament that's ever been found, hasbeen deciphered, and theologian David Parker says the numberwas mistakenly translated as 666.

666 is an example of...

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Will There Ever be Female Priests?

Newswise - Will the next pope allow women to become priests? Probablynot, since conservative Cardinal Ratzinger has been voted inas Pope Benedict XVI. An Associated Press poll found that60% percent of U.S. Catholics think women should beordained, and U.S. religious studies professor A. Raab saysthere are signs that the Catholic...

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Whitley's Journal: What It Means to be a Christian

Whitley writes in his newJournal: "It's Palm Sunday and time to begin, once again, aremarkable journey. Over the next week we will relive aseries of events that have been revered and disputed for twothousand years, the passion and resurrection of Christ. Ihave often heard Christians say, 'if I did not believe inthe resurrection, I could not be...

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Child Sacrifice Still Going On

When the Spanish encountered the indigenous people in some parts of Latin America, they were shocked to discover that they practiced child sacrifice. The naturally-preserved mummies of these children are still being found on mountain tops today. NowScott Corrales reports that this is still happening in Chile, where a child was sacrificed in...

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When Religion Kills Children

When we think of killing in the name of religion, we think of 911, but there is more than one way to do it. Two children in two different states in the U.S. have been killed by exorcists recently. In Atlanta, a six-year-old girl was found strangled and stabbed, with a broken back. In Milwaukee, an eight-year-old boy was smothered by being...

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Why Churches Play Organ Music

Ever wonder why churches have organs instead of pianos? The people who devised church services knew what they were doing, because organs emit infrasound, which is lower than 20 Hertz. Although it's inaudible to the human ear, it creates religious feelings in people.

Jonathan Amos writes in BBC News that scientists conducted an experiment...

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A Goddess Goes to College

In Nepal, there is the ancient custom of choosing a young virgin goddess, who reigns until she reaches puberty. Rashmilla Shakya was taken from her family at when she was 4 and enthroned as the Kumari in an ancient palace, where she was worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists. But once she started menstruating, she was sent back home and is now...

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Can Science Explain the Bible? Part II

In Can Science Explain the Bible, we told about some scientific explanations for Biblical stories that may or may not be true. Now two Italian journalists say the Bible is filled with mistakes. They claim Eve didn't eat an apple and Jesus didn't die at the age of 33 and wasn't born in the first year AD. The Jews didn't escape by walking across...

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Why Women are More Religious Than Men

Sociologists have long known that there are more religious women than men. Professor Rodney Stark thinks we should not ask why women are more religious, but why men are less interested in religion. "When you turn the question around it starts to get us somewhere and the evidence pretty strongly points to physiology, not socialization," he says...

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Vatican Publishes Third Secret of Fatima - Or Does It?

The Vatican today published what is purported to be the Third Secret of Fatima. The "secret" included vague references to some sort of apocalyptic vision, but the Vatican said that the events appeared to have already happened. Why the Church took so long to reveal this story is not clear. In 1987, Fr. Malachi Martin told this author that the...

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