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Can Fracking Water be Cleaned Up?

You may not know it, but you're probably drinking recycled water right now. But water from "Fracking?" The process uses as much water as the entire cities of Chicago or Houston, but can it be made...
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Don't Eat It, Recycle It!

With concerns about the possible health and environmental effects of oil dispersants in the Deepwater Horizon disaster still fresh in mind, scientists have created a new dispersant made from edible ingredients that both...
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An Unusual Use for an Unwanted Appliance

A rating system developed to promote sustainable roadway construction has awarded its first official certification to a project that incorporates porcelain from recycled toilets. The newly widened sidewalk also incorporates more than 400 recycled toilets.

Greenroads spokesman Jeralee Anderson says, "It's a big milestone for us....
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Ultimate Recycling (Cont.)

It's the ultimate recycling?the litter that is thrown out of car and truck windows becomes the new pavement for these vehicles to drive on?although we aren't actually throwing our old computers out the car window.

Discarded electronic circuit boards can now be converted into an asphalt "modifier." The material makes high-performance...

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Recycling Miracle

Besides rubber tires, discarded plastic items are one of our worst sources of pollution because, so far, they have proved impossible to recycle. We also have an oil shortage. Now a company is solving both problems at once by turning plastics back into the fossil fuels they were created from.

Global Resource Corporation has invented a...

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