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How Companies Cut Back During a Recession

Hint: No catsup on the burger - The typical American consumer is accustomed to unwrapping a hamburger from their favorite fast food establishment and finding "the works:" lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a few packets of ketchup on the side. However, according to researcher John Stanton, the "frills" that come with fast food or...

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Recession Math

It doesn't always add up - Bad economic times like these call for extreme measures (at least some very important things are on sale). One problem: not everyone realizes that $1 equals 100 cents.

A new study suggests that, in some situations, people may behave as if 100 cents actually has more value because they pay more...

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Look & Please Touch

Consumers are often told to "look but don't touch," that if they break an item, they buy it. But a new study suggests that if they just touch an item for more than a few seconds, they may also end up buying it, which is something struggling retailers might heed, when trying to attract more customers in a recession. Speaking of touch, another...

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Why Men Have More Trouble in a Recession

They are genetically programmed to SPEND! - In a recession, we all have less to spend. But are men genetically programmed to keep on spending money anyway?

Bling, foreclosures, rising credit card debt, bank and auto bailouts, upside down mortgages and perhaps a mid-life crisis new Corvette are all symptoms of compulsive...

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Something GOOD About the Recession?

Is there anything good that can be said about the current recession? Well, the last depression was one of the greatest creative periods of our time, so maybe this one will be too.

Researcher Miles Orvell says, "?Adversity and hardship can bring out creativity." The Great Depression is currently all the rage, with New Yorkers hosting...

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Will the Bailout Work?

More indications that we are heading for a major economic depression: the bailout costs will total more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the moonshot, the S&L bailout, the Korean War, the New Deal, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, and NASA's lifetime budget?COMBINED!

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Recession Shopping: Get Less for the Same Price

?instead of charging more (too obvious) - Manufacturers of food and cleaning products are reducing the size of their packages, so they can keep their prices the same. This has been done in the past, but now that there's a recession on, there's likely to be a lot more of this in future.

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