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What War Really Costs

We all know it costs the lives and health of our soldiers, but when old men send young men to war, it costs huge amounts of money too, and now that we're in a recession, we have to ask ourselves: Was...
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The Trouble with Robots

Every month, the US economy becomes more automated. Robots can cut manufacturing costs, but the problem is that they can't SPEND any money (NOTE: ...
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Recessions Caused by Income Gap

If there isn't a big enough middle class, it hurts EVERYBODY (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), because historically, times like this have led to recessions and even depressions. This is because middle...
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Educated People Got in Deeper

During the recent financial crisis, it was the very people you'd think would KNOW BETTER who went most deeply into debt--the BETTER EDUCATED consumers!
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Psychological Results of Recession

The US and Europe aren’t the only ones having a recession--Iceland is too. How does your behavior change when you discover that your money is no longer real? (NOTE:...
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Trillions Hidden Away While Poor People Pay

A new study shows that the super-wealthy of the world have an estimated 21 trillion dollars hidden in secret bank accounts around the world. This is more that the gross domestic products of the US and Japan combined....
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Prehistoric Brains in Modern Bodies

Our bodies may be modern, but our BRAINS are still prehistoric--at least according to one researcher, who says that our minds, bodies, businesses, governments, and social institutions are no longer capable of coping with the rapid rate of change in technology.

William Davidow, formerly head of the microprocessor division at Intel,...
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Economic Recovery--Prepare for Alien Invasion

We don't seem to know how to fix the economic crisis, but economist Paul Krugman thinks aliens might be able to do it--or at least human preparation for an alien invasion could do it. Since we ended the Great Depression with Government spending--and eventually with spending for World War II--preparing...
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Signs That China May Have an Economic Crash

There are signs that China may not be doing as well economically as it claims to be, and those signs are: skyscrapers. According to a study by Barclays Capital, the building of skyscrapers over the last 140 years is a sure indicator of an imminent crash. The construction boom that produced both New York's Chrysler and Empire State buildings...
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Something GOOD About the Recession

The recession has been painful for most of us, but it's been GOOD in one way: It's cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, which means it's reduced the threat of global...
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How Men are Weathering the Recession

The acute economic downturn that began in 2008 sometimes is called the "mancession" to reflect its harsher impact on men than women. As recently as last November, over 10% of adult men were unemployed as...
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Longer You Invest, the Worse You Do

The longer people invest their money, the WORSE they do--In this case, experience doesn't improve performance. This only applies to amateur investors, however, not professionals (so maybe you should try to get a job in the financial industry!)  Researcher Yiming Qian says, "Individual...
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The Housing Crisis

Why so many foreclosures? - Foreclosures aren't the cause of today's housing surplus--changing demographics are. The excess supply and its persistence are directly linked to the increase in homeowners over age 55 who want to sell and downsize, coupled with the decrease in number of 30- to 45-year-olds who want to buy. Economist...

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A War Worth Fighting

The war on poverty - Most of the wars we've fought have been in reaction to the threat of being invaded, but right now we're fighting wars in two different countries, where we are essentially engaged in the (probably futile) mission of nation-building.

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How Banks (& the IRS) Suck Up Your Money

What sucked up all our money in the mortgage crisis? Policymakers and analysts continue to dispute causes of the 2007-2008 foreclosure crisis, which triggered a much deeper and more serious financial crisis and ultimately an economic recession. Did banks prey on unwitting consumers, or did households overreach and borrow more than they could...

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The More You Try to Save

The more you spend - During an economic downturn, staying within a budget at the grocery store may be more important than ever for many shoppers, especially those with low incomes. But a new study shows that the harder shoppers try to figure out how much they're spending, the WORSE they do. Is this some kind of conspiracy?...

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Allergic to Your Job?

It's a strange world out there: You may not like your job, but are you ALLERGIC to it? Damp environments, poorly maintained heating and air-conditioning systems and carpeting may contribute to poor indoor air quality that can make you sick. Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, where they are repeatedly exposed to indoor allergens...

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Stockbrokers Carrying Guns

Reaction to citizen anger & threats? - We blamed Bush for 911 and now everyone blames Wall Street and big banks for the recession. It's gotten so bad that brokers are packing heat.

On, Alice Schroeder quotes a friend at Goldman Sachs as saying, "I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit."...

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Pinching Pennies Doesn't Help

Worried about an upcoming shortage of food and oil (and everything ELSE)? Being miserly won't help.

Would the world be a better place if we could somehow curb our desire for material goods? Environmentalist Saleem Ali says "No."

Take minerals: "The reality is, without minerals, we could not have had modern civilization," he says...

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Can We Predict the Next Recession?

Life has not been too cheerful lately. The recent financial crisis prompted a renewed interest among economists to construct an "early warning system" but a new study concludes that out of 65 potential causes of a global economic meltdown, few factors would have predicted the severity of the crisis or the fact that it would have spread...

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Sit Up Straight!

For a job interview, for meeting a potential mate - Your first grade teacher was right: Sitting up straight in your chair isn't just good for your posture, it also gives you more confidence in your own thoughts (in fact, it's good for everyone, no matter where they come from). No matter how old you are, it's not too late to...

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October a Bad Month for the Stock Market

But no one knows why - Why do bad things happen? The poet T.S. Eliot said that "April is cruelest month," but for stockbrokers, it has always been October (Despite the fact that THIS October has been one of the best ones for the stock market in years). This month ushers in the fourth financial quarter of the year and it often...

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A Recession Can be Healthy

for people & for the planet - It's not over yet and won't be until more jobs are available! But while economic turndowns are miserable for the mind, they are not necessarily bad for the body. Scientists say that a recession may also be healthy for our PLANET.

The Great Depression had a silver lining: During that hard...

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Ghost Ships

A sign of the recession - Politicians may announce that the recession is over, but that won't be true until all the empty cargo ships that are anchored off Singapore start moving again. This group of 500 empty ships is bigger than the US and British navies combined, but they have no cargo and thus no destination, so they just...

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Saying Goodbye to Our Pets

...when we no longer have a home - There are many tragedies connected with the recession, and one of these is the dilemma about what to do with some special members of our families when we can't afford to take care of them anymore: our pets.

Many families have been forced to abandon their pets when they face foreclosure...

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Bankruptcy May Not Help

As GM goes under and more and more companies consider bankruptcy to deal with sky-high debt and an economy in recession, the question is: will this help the companies?

Researcher Erik Lie thinks these moves might provide only limited help for many. He thinks that companies that enter bankruptcy and then emerge too soon with too much debt...

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In a Recession, Will People Gamble on the Future?

The economy may be showing signs of improvement but economists think that consumers will keep their newly-adopted thriftier habits for the long haul. This means that they'll buy less, so that the economy won't improve as quickly as it would have if everyone went back to their old ways. But will we be willing to give up on gambling?


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Will the Future Be Brighter?

Will there be an end to the current economic recession soon? Most Americans are pretty gloomy, but?surprisingly?economists have a brighter outlook on the future.

Economic historian Robert Whaples takes the long view: he says that he and the "vast, vast majority" of his peers are more optimistic about the future than a recent poll found...

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Why are CEOs Paid So Much?

...while their employees are paid so little - Amid the current economic crisis, the debate over CEO pay has intensified. Now more than ever, people are asking, "Are CEOs overpaid?"

Psychologist Jerald Greenberg says, "As resources become scarce, we become increasingly careful about how to spend them, so if a CEO's salary...

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Are Homeless People Violent?

...sometimes - Something most of us want to know: Are the homeless people we see on our streets and in our parks violent? Most of them are mentally ill and many of them are also addicted to either alcohol or drugs.

Violence appears to be more common among those with mental illness ONLY when they ALSO report substance...

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