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Reading Can Change Your Personality

Reading changes the brain: When you "lose yourself" inside the world of a fictional character while reading a story, you may actually end up changing your own behavior and thoughts to match...
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Arabic Readers See the World Differently

A new study shows that Arabic readers recognize words in a different way from readers of other languages. Does this mean their brains are different? If so, it could help explain the continual tensions...
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Reading Changes Your Brain

We know that the Visitors are changing our brains. It turns out that the act of reading changes our brains too (but some types of reading are better than others).

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Why Kindles & IPads Don't Work

You can read a book or magazine article on them, which can be convenient (and maybe they're even spying on you!) but the people who really like these devices are students, because you can use a computer "search" engine with them, instead of the old method of...
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Reading Blind

Anne Strieber learned that we use a specific part of the brain to tell time. A new study finds that the part of the brain we use for reading doesn't require vision at all: Brain imaging studies of...
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Finding Out Who Reads

The most literate cities will surprise you! - A national survey measures a key component in America's social health by ranking the culture and resources for reading in America's largest cities, and two of them are in the same state.

The study identifies the top reading cities in this order: Minneapolis, Seattle,...

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Airports Give Kids Reading Problems

The noise from airports impairs children's reading ability and long-term memory, but at least some the effects are reversible. Scientists monitored reading, memory, attention and speech perception in schoolchildren before and after the opening of the new international airport nearby. Children between 8 and 12 who lived near the airport site...

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