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Another fatal storm hits the US

It seems as though wild weather events have rarely been out of the headlines recently. It has been a bleak weekend in some parts of America after yet another fatal storm blasted its way through five US states.
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Bacteria in the Clouds

Researchers have discovered the presence of significant numbers of living microorganisms--mostly bacteria--in the middle and upper troposphere, the part of the atmosphere four to six miles above the Earth's surface. In other words, the clouds are filled with germs! Do they fall...
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Plants Remember the Dry Days

When plants talk to each other, what do they say? Some of them compare notes on how to survive a drought and plants that have been subjected to a previous period of drought learn to deal with the stress thanks to their memories of the experience.

This discovery...
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Airports Make it Rain

We've told you why, if you live in a city, it always rains on the weekends. Now we're warning you again: If you're thinking of moving to a home or office near your...
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Antimatter Found in Thunderstorms

NASA's new GBM telescope has detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth by energetic processes similar to those found in particle accelerators. Scientists think the antimatter particles are formed in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), a brief burst produced inside ...
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Rain Making

A new, detailed record of rainfall fluctuations in ancient Mexico that spans more than 12 centuries will help us understand the role drought played in the rise and fall of pre-Hispanic civilizations. If there's a...
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Rain Power

There are lots of places to get power (including the power to fight a war-- NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), besides greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels: wind turbines, solar panels, ethanol. How about out of the thin air? And a group of researchers thinks that if economists and investors really want to end the recession, they...

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Rainy Weekends

We once reported that it rains MORE on weekends. Now scientists say it rains LESS on weekends. But they all agree on the reason: air pollution.

A new NASA study has found that summer storms in the Southeaster US occur more often midweek than on weekends. They think the cause of this is air pollution created by traffic exhaust and other...

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Do Storms Target Cities?

Recent extreme weather includes a tornado that hit Brooklyn. Sometimes it seems that storms are worse over cities?especially on the weekends?and scientists say this is TRUE. In fact, climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans been changing global rainfall patterns over the entire 20th Century.

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Rainfall Changes Tied to Global Warming

New satellite data shows that tiny airborne particles are changing rainfall patterns around the world. These man-made particles, mostly from burning fossil fuels, make it more difficult for clouds to form and less likely to rain if they do form.

Daniel Rosenfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem says that because they block sunlight...

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