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Weekender: The Rosetta Mission - Historic Moment or Monumental Cover-Up?

After an amazing ten year journey, the Rosetta mission landed its module Philae on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko at 16:03 GMT on Wednesday.

Rosetta was launched on 2 March 2004 on an Ariane 5 rocket, and has already made history by becoming the first spacecraft to orbit a comet after it reached its long-awaited...
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Listen to Anne and Whitley on Internet Radio

Whitley and Anne Strieber were on Unicus Radio with Bob Stanley (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show and to this one too). To...
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Whitley on Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT!

Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight (Wed., June 10) at 11:30 pm Pacific, talking with his editor and with George Noory about his new novel The Omega Point, which is about 2012 and time travel. To find out where to listen in your area, click here.

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Whitley on Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT

Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight with George Noory from 10 to 11 pm Pacific talking about real UFO incidents and MORE! To find out where YOU can listen, click here. And if you want to meet Whitley in person, come to our Dreamland Festival in June.

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Whitley on Satellite Radio TODAY

Whitley will be talking on the Sirius radio show Angels on Call, hosted by psychic Mary Occhino, on Wednesday, March 7. The show runs from 5 to 8 a.m. Pacific (8-11 a.m. Eastern), and Whitley will be on from 7-8 a.m. Pacific. He'll be taking calls from listeners at 1-888-4-102-102. For more information, click here.

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Time Travel on Dreamland This Week

On Dreamland this week, Jim Marrs hosts the most amazing time travel program you will ever hear. First, a mind-bender of an interview with famed UK anomalies researcher Jenny Randles on the fact that many prominent scientists now think that time travel is not only possible, but that it's happening. Then Whitley Strieber comes in as Jim's second...

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Whitley on Coast to Coast Saturday

On Saturday, September 18, Whitley Srieber will appear onCoast to Coast AM with Art Bell. He'll be talking abouthurricanes, the Mystery Signal and more! Tune into yourlocal Clear Channel station at 10 pm Pacific.

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Hickman Report Now Available

Due to a technical error, the Jim Hickman report referred to in our special newsletter supplement has not been available on the website until today. You can listen to the report by clicking on the word "Dreamland" on the right side of our masthead and navigating to the last show in the list.

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New Show on Unknowncountry! is proud to present "Mysterious Powers," Anne Strieber's new show, which will appear every two weeks. Anne became interested in "how to" books?but not the ordinary, boring kind. Anne wants to know the big stuff, like how to be lucky, how to read auras, how to see the Virgin Mary. Some people have Mysterious Powers and Anne...

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Whitley on the Radio Friday and Saturday

Whitley Strieber will be Lou Gentile's guest on the Lou Gentile Show for three hours this Friday night. On Saturday night, he?ll be Art's guest during the first hour of Coast to Coast AM. He'll be discussing the latest spate of 'dark' close encounters and how he thinks we should react. Find out more here: For the Lou Gentile Show: click here....

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NATO Jams Garage Doors

NATO recently put up new radio towers in the Denver as a security measure for an upcoming defense ministers' conference. Suddenly, no one?s automatic garage doors work anymore.

Eileen Kelley writes in the that the Overhead Door Company of Colorado Springs received hundreds of phone calls on a single day from people who...

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We're Back on Live365!

For everybody who's been having a problem listening to our new on-site internet radio station, we're now running our shows on Live365 as well! We will keep doing this until--and if--our onsite station is working perfectly for everybody.

To go to Live365 and listen to Whitley's fantastic interview with aviation reporter Nick Cook about...

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Audio Questions And Problems

Approximately fifty people have reported problems with our new internet radio player. Most of these problems have been due to the fact that the individual's computer is not correctly set up. Some of them have been due to the fact that we were using our old MP3 files. We are now using Windows Media Player files, so everybody who was getting...

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