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What Race are You?

Newswise - The races identified in the U.S. census are: white(Caucasian), black (African-American), Hispanic (usuallySpanish speaking natives from South America), NativeAmerican (American Indians) and Asian. The problem is thatpeople are allowed to check more than one box in reply toracial questions. When this happens,...

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Race Test Could Lead to Mind Control

Using PET scans, scientists can now observe the brain at work. They already know that "real" and "false" memories activate different parts of the brain, which could validate the experiences of abductees, if an objective test of them is ever conducted. Now it's been discovered that PET scans can reveal whether or not an individual is racially...

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You Can't Tell Race by How You Look

A new study shows that physical characteristics such as skin or hair color don't necessarily reveal a person's race. People who appear white may genetically be mainly African, while people who look black may genetically be European or Amerindian.

"There is wide agreement among anthropologists and human geneticists that, from a...

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