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Anne Strieber's Martin Luther King Day Message

Back in 2007, Anne Strieber published a diary called "Race." It's a subject that's very important to her, and she has requested that we publish a link to it today, in honor of the memory of Martin Luther King. To read 'Race,' click here.
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Insomnia is Racial

In the August 31st edition of the New York Times, Douglas Quenqua writes: "The idea that race or ethnicity might help determine how well people sleep is relatively new among sleep researchers. But in the few short years...
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Neighborhoods and Cities Still Segregated

Despite increasing numbers of multiethnic neighborhoods in the United States, relatively few black or white families are actually moving into these them.

This segregation doesn't just happen in the US--it's prevalent all over the world. The Economist talks...
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A Pill to Cure Racism?

What if there was a drug that could "cure" racism? This may be true: Tests of the commonly prescribed heart drug propranolol show that it can alter unconscious racial bias--After volunteers took the drug, they were less racially biased than those who took a placebo.

Racism is based on fear and propranolol helps reduce fear...
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Where Did White Folks Come From?

Since modern humans originated in Africa, then spread all over the world, we know that black or brown is the original skin color. So how did some people turn out to have white skin? It's all about Vitamin D.

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Did US Blacks Evolve Due to Harshness of Slavery?

American blacks searching for their African roots are finding it's not so easy. In the January 27th edition of the New York Times, Edward Rothstein says, "The astounding thing about American slavery is...
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Our Immune Systems are Racial

YOU may not be racist, but your immune system is: A major difference in the way that cells from African-Americans respond to inflammation could be an answer to why this group has so much more hypertension, something...
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Why You're Really a Racist

Everyone’s a little bit racist, but it may not be your fault. A research team thinks our culture may be partially to blame. And another team of researchers has found that the perception of race can be altered by cues to social status as simple as the clothes a person wears.

In one experiment, participants were asked to...
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Have Whites and Blacks Switched Roles?

According to a new study by psychologists, whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America. These findings show that America has not achieved the "post-racial" society that some predicted in the wake of...
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What Place Does Race Have in Politics?

All the controversy about Barack Obama's birth certificate, makes one wonder if racial prejudice among some white Americans--even if unintentional--influences their...
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The Classroom Today

On Martin Luther King Day, we remember the hard task of integrating our society--starting with our schools. Now there's another reason why this is important: it turns out that the good grades that high schoolers earn aren't just good for making the honor roll--they also make them healthier as adults, too.

Studies have long shown that...
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Passing for Black

You've heard of black people "passing for white," but times have changed: Now many mixed-race people with a choice of which way to go are identifying themselves as black. But before they do this, maybe they should think twice: Drug use is usually associated with blacks and latinos,...
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How Race Affects the Classroom

Health is a topic that scares a lot of people (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)--We may have universal health care soon, but will we have enough doctors to go around? (Will we have to hire vampires and zombies?)

Researchers have found that adolescents from Latin American and Asian backgrounds experienced more...

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How Something Good Turned Bad

For blacks, anyway - The use of "acting white" to scare potentially high-achieving black students away from studying hard and getting high grades is a social phenomenon with deep cultural roots,and acknowledging its power over student achievement is a critical first step for moving forward. Meanwhile, the first study to...

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Race & Politics

Is Obama the wrong color to push through health reform? - People may judge the skin tone of mixed race political candidates according to how much they agree with their politics. If they agree with their views, they will see them as "whiter" than if they don't. And a YouTube video suggesting that face recognition cameras...

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Are Older People More Racist?

In a recent news anecdote, Jimmy Carter said that opposition to president Obama is centered in deep-seated, unacknowledged racism. On TV, one can see that the protesters are different from what might be expected: It's OLDER people who are carrying signs calling him a "Nazi." When we think about it, most of us are used to seeing young people in...

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The Gap

Educators want to know why so many black students underachieve in school. It could be partly due to their mothers' exposure to urban air pollutants.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can adversely affect a child

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Where Did White People Come From?

Despite the fact that we've elected a black president, race is still a problem in the US. We know that humans originated in Africa, so why did some people's skin turn white, anyway?

Scientists used to tell us that people's skins turned lighter when they migrated north and needed more sun exposure in order to get enough vitamin D. Melanin...

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Are Schools Still Too Segregated?

It's a controversial question. Due to the economy, more middle-class families are passing on private schools in favor of the local public school. This is good for the schools, since studies show urban schools benefit educationally from an influx of middle class students and parents because of the resources (most notably time and money) that...

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Wonder What Race You Are

We all think we know what race we?and the people we meet?belong to, but that's not always the case. Sometimes we define someone's race by the JOB they do. Now that we have a black president, will that finally change?

Is race defined by appearance, researchers have discovered that a person also be colored by their socioeconomic status. A...

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Affirmative Action Doesn't Make Them Feel Inadequate

Opponents of affirmative action point to stigma as a reason for dismantling the policy, but a new study says that just isn't true.

People who are against the policy argue that minorities who benefit from it could doubt their own credentials or feel the burden of being treated as if they're employed or enrolled only because of race?not...

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Race Talk

With a black man running for president for the first time, white people?including children as young as 10?may avoid talking about race so as not to appear prejudiced. But that approach often backfires, as blacks tend to view this "colorblind" approach as EVIDENCE of prejudice, especially when race is clearly relevant.

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Would There Still be Racial Prejudice if...?

Now that the we have our first African-American presidential candidate, Race has become a major subject. Would whites be less prejudiced against blacks if they saw them from the time they were babies? It works that way for pediatricians.

A new study shows that physicians?like society at large?hold subconscious racial attitudes and...

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Why Do Black Students Underachieve?

New research has found that gifted black students often underachieve in school because of the stress on them to "act black," which may be one reason for the achievement gap between black and white students in US schools.

Researcher Donna Ford says, "Part of the achievement gap, particularly for gifted black students, is due to the poor...

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When Blacks & Whites Marry, What About the Kids?

We've written that adoptive parents?and grandparents? care more. Now it turns out that Biracial parents, compared to their monoracial counterparts, are more likely to go the extra mile in the amount of time and money they spend on their young children.

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The REAL State of US Race Relations

Chicago sociologist Walter Benn Michaels thinks the racial divide is REALLY based on money?who has it, and who doesn't. He says, "We love race?we love identity?because we don't love class. We love thinking that the differences that divide us are not the differences between those of us who have money and those who don't but are instead the...

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Despite the fact that many sociologists say there is no such thing as race, many people are looking for their roots. An Indian tribe in California just got some amazing DNA evidence about where they came from. Medical researchers think that there are different races, and that the group you belong to could determine what genetic diseases could...
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Are You Racist? This Test Will Tell You

Two million people in the US have taken a test that issupposed to reveal whether or not you are prejudiced againstpeople of other races. It's a five-minute test that you takeover the internet. To take this test,clickhere.

Lucy Wilkins writes in that the test is beingpromoted in the UK as part of the publicity campaign for...

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Chinese Prejudiced Against Condi Because She's Black Woman

China is one of those rare modern societies that is notracially mixed?the presence of different races in thepopulation, which is second nature to us, doesn't occurthere. Despite the popularity of U.S. media in China (andall over the world), even Caucasian Westerners who visitChina often find themselves stared at in amazement, while tous, seeing...

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Blacks & Whites See Things Differently

Newswise - Race matters when it comes to interpreting facialexpressions. When whites see the same computer generatedfacial expressions on both whites and blacks, they interpretthe black expressions as looking more hostile.

Psychologist Kurt Hugenberg says such misperceptions mayhelp explain how racial stereotypes are...

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