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Parallel Universes Do Exist, Say Scientists

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had made a different choice, said a different thing, or turned a different corner? Would these decisions have affected your life, or even the world around you?

Do a myriad of different worlds exist where all of these possibilities play out? Where the meteor missed the earth millions...
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Quantum Leap: Scientists Achieve Teleportation Over 15 Mile Distance

Traveling for some is a pleasure but there are times, such as during the daily commute, when getting from A to B is just a tedious and often laborious necessity.

We look with envy at our futuristic cartoon and film heroes who simply teleport from place to place, disappearing in one location and appearing just seconds later at their...
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Enigma of Black Holes Finally Solved: They Do Not Exist, Say Scientists

Black holes are possibly one of the most mysterious and unfathomable entities in the known universe. They are generally considered to be black, dense bodies of matter with a gravitational pull that is so strong that even light itself cannot escape their unrelenting grasp.

But, in the largely uncharted environment of deep space, our...
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Wormholes Could Be Space-Time "Postboxes"

Have you ever regretted a missed opportunity to send a message to someone? Did you think that your life may well have been different if you had communicated certain things, and you would give anything to re-live that moment again?

According to scientists from Jesus College, Cambridge, U.K., you may get your chance to right the wrongs...
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New Collider To Turn Light Into Matter

An eighty-year-old theory looks set to become a reality, after researchers managed to develop the technique in less than a day during their coffee break!

The concept of turning light into matter sounds inconceivable, yet however far-fetched it sounds, the Universe that we inhabit was created when energy was transformed into substance...
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Time Travel is Possible, Say Scientists

The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for centuries, but now scientists are suggesting that the concept is theoretically sound.

Back in September of this year, UK physicist, Professor Brian Cox, declared that time travel was certainly possible, but only to the future and not to the...
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Quantum Physicist States:'Death' is All in the Mind

 Most scientists dismiss the idea of 'life after death' as a fanciful notion which is impossible to prove. In fact, new research indicates that it is actually the idea of 'death' which is becoming less likely and harder to prove, as everything we learn about quantum physics suggests that space and time do not actually exist in our perceived...
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Is vision a quantum experience?

Is vision a quantum experience?

What is consciousness? It is a term which is liberally used in these so-called 'enlightened' times, when we use it to describe developing spiritual awareness. In physical terms, one might describe it as the presence of life, and what our brain perceives, which would be a reasonable assumption. What we may not be aware of, however, are the...
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Another Concept of Reality

We may live in a holographic projection of another, flat version of life, being lived in a two-dimensional surface at the edge of this universe. Seeing our universe as a hologram could solve some of the biggest problems in quantum physics, such as "spooky action at a distance," also known as...
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Quantum Physics Works in the Macro World

Two diamonds the size of stud earrings have been made to share quantum entanglement,meaning that spooky action at a distance works at the classical level. This experiment suggests that the more we become aware that quantum mechanics functions also on the large scale, the more we are going to come to see Newtonian Physics not as a reality, but as...
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The Future Will be Stranger Than Today

Quantum theory predicts that observation alters reality. While many other quantum phenomena, such as spooky action at a distance, have been tested and found to be true, it has never before been possible to test whether or not the observer has any effect of what is being observed. That's about to change.

In the quantum world, an...
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Quantum Time

In quantum physics (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), two linked particles, once they are separated, follow the exact...
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Can Micro be Macro?

Could time travel be real? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). A lot of this depends onwhether or not quantum indeterminacy can be seen in the macro, rather than just the tiny "micro" world, and now this has happened, in an observation of a tiny bit of metal the size of a human hair, which is small but can still be seen without a...

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The Newest Machines are ALIVE

Experiencers have often said that some ETs seem to be "machines that are alive." Whitley has wondered if this is what at least some of them are, and has included characters like this into his new novel The Grays. Now WE'RE making machines that are alive too!

Scientists are using bacteria to power motors, in a microscopic version of using...

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God Particle Missing

The legendary particle that physicists thought explained the basic question of why matter has mass, often called the ?God particle,? probably does not exist. Researchers who have spent a year analyzing data from the LEP accelerator at the CERN nuclear physics lab near Geneva, Switzerland say that the elusive Higgs boson, which is central to the...

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