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Archaeologist Claims Indonesian Pyramids are 20,000 Years Old

The largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia is Gunung Padang (Mountain Meadow in Indonesian), located in West Java. The site has been known by Europeans since the early 20th century, when it was mentioned in a Dutch report on Indonesian antiquities.

The site is noted for the huge rectangular stones that cover it. Beneath those...
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Buried City Found in Egypt

In a recent NASA satellite survey of Egypt, archaeologists discovered 17 pyramids that had been buried in the sand, as well as more than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements. Ground level excavations have already confirmed the existence of two of the pyramids. Ancient Egyptian buildings were made of mud brick, which is denser than the sand...
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The Impact of Ancient Sounds

Why did ancient peoples, without modern construction equipment, struggle so hard to build huge monuments? These monumental structures are found all over the world, from Easter Island to the pyramids of Egypt. Recent research suggests that they all have a common characteristic: they may have been specially designed to conduct and...
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Are the Bosnia Pyramids a Hoax?

Are the recently discovered pyramids in Bosnia a hoax? Archeologists are speaking out against the discoveries by in the Bosnian town of Visoko by Russian businessman Semir Osmanagic. But he sticks by his discoveries.

In, Heather Whipps quotes Anthony Harding, president of the European Association of Archaeologists, as...

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Lost Tomb Found?But We'll Never See It

The mummy of King Cheops (also known as Khufu) is supposedto be inside the Great Pyramid, but it's never been foundand it's been assumed it was stolen by grave robbers, alongwith the gold and jewels entombed with it. But now, 4,500years after the pyramid was completed, Khufu's burialchamber may have been found?but we'll probably never get tosee...

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New Theory of How Pyramids Were Built

Sarah Kennedy writes in The Ottawa Citizen that 69-year-old Nick Raina says he can build a Great Pyramid just like the one in Egypt, using only hand tools and minimal force. He's not an engineer?he describes himself as "an eccentric old man that moves big rocks."

Archeologists believe the Egyptians built ramps and dragged more than two...

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Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Italy

On the Farshores website, Marco V. of Varese, Italy writes, "You may be interested in a discovery which has been recently made: three pyramids were discovered thanks to satellite and aerial imagery in northern Italy, in the town of Montevecchia?They are the first pyramids ever discovered in Italy and the dimensions are quite impressive; the...

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Egyptians May Have Used Kites to Build Pyramids

Maureen Clemmons, an aeronautics professor at the California Institute of Technology, thinks the ancient Egyptians may have used kites to build the Pyramids. No one has ever figured out how the Egyptians, who did not have the wheel, were able to move huge stones large distances and hoist them into place. The Egyptians left no pictures showing...

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