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9-11 and PTSD: When The Trauma Never Fades

Today the world is remembering the terrible events of thirteen years ago, when one of the world's worst terrorist attacks destroyed the World Trade Center in New York. But for some people, the memories don't just surface every year; they have to live with daily reminders that leave them living in a half-life of trauma and fear.
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DNA Tests for Soldiers and Police?

The recent killing of Afghan civilians by an American soldier who undoubtedly had post traumatic stress disease--as well as the shooting of a black kid by a patrol officer here in the US--points out the need to identify soldiers and police who are vulnerable to PTSD BEFORE they are hired--but is this possible? It may be: scientists have identified...
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War Dogs are Suffering as Much as Soldiers

Now that we're finally leaving Iraq, we need to remember that the dogs who go to war with us are suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), just like the soldiers who...
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Soldier Stress

Noncombatant military personnel do not engage in direct combat with the enemy during war, but they still face trauma that elevates their risk for developing combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Noncombatants’ trauma exposure may actually put them at GREATER risk of developing PTSD than their counterparts on the front lines....
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No Matter How You Voted, Be Strong About the Outcome

No matter how the election turns out, it's good to remember what we've been told so often: that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (but there was no scientific evidence to support for this idea--until now). A new national multi-year longitudinal study of the effects of...

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