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Twitter Can Detect Psychopaths

So if you're corresponding with someone online who uses certain words and phrases, cut off the contact--FAST! There are more of these folks around than you might suspect. This might also be something to pay...
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Want a Successful President? Elect a Psychopath!

The fearless dominance associated with psychopathy may be an important predictor of U.S. presidential performance.

On the Medical Xpress website, Carol Clark relates the following story: "After a gunman shot him in the chest in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt went...
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How to Detect Danger

You don't have to use a computer to detect a psychopath, but it would be handy if you could: That way, you'd know who to stay clear of. These dangerous and mysterious people seem...
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Is Your Boss Crazy?

Jobs are so scarce these days, that you might have to put up with him or her, but here's the bad news: a recent study claims that 25% of CEOs meet the criteria for a psychopathic personality. If you've every thought, "That sounds like MY boss," you might be wondering what to do about it.
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A Blow to the Head

The man who allegedly shot Representative Gabby Giffords is undoubtedly a psychopath--someone who is unable to put himself in another person's shoes. Neurologists have found that people diagnosed as psychopathic...
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Dangerous Brains

The brains of psychopaths are wired to keep seeking a reward at any cost, which is why they do such awful things to the rest of us. And A person can reach a high level of spiritual development without being emotionally and psychologically mature, which may help explain some of the pedophile priests who are stalking parishes worldwide.


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How do psychopaths (who are all around us) find their victims? A new study suggests they are deeply attuned to vulnerable people.

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Psychopaths All Around Us

When most of us hear the word psychopath, we think of a serial killer, but it turns out there are many more of them that we think. In fact, you probably know a few.

What is "psychopathy" anyway? Joseph Newman, who has spent his life studying prison inmates in Wisconsin, has devoted his career to answering that question. He says, "My main...

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