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Psychic Accused of Scam Wins Lawsuit

British psychic Sally Morgan has won a $200,000 settlement plus her legal costs from the Daily Mail after the paper accused her of using an earpiece to scam a Dublin audience into believing she received messages from the dead. The suit alleged that some audience members had heard staffers backstage saying things that she then repeated onstage by...
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How Channelers' Brains Work

A new study of channelers has found that areas of the brain associated with language and activity close down when they are engaged in channeling. This means that the part of the brain that forms words is not in use during the channeling process, lending credibility to the notion that they are obtaining the words that they are speaking or writing...
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Do Drugs Make Better Mediums?

Some people are born psychic, while others sometimes become psychic after a brain injury, the way Anne Strieber did. Others can be temporarily psychic. Still...
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Remote Viewer Solves Murder

Last year, a California court convicted a swindler of murder in a case that was solved partly, the lead police investigator said, with the help of remote viewing (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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We Can All Become Psychic

There are psychics, like Marla Frees (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) and then there are the REST of us. Every day we...
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Watch Psychic Medium Marla Frees in Action

On a new video on Youtube, you can watch Dreamland host psychic medium Marla Frees "read" people and places (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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A Premonition

On this week's Dreamland, psychic medium Marla Frees interviews someone who has long been in contact with ETs. Psychicslike Marla know that a near death experience can bring on amazing premonitions. For example, an aboriginal Australian woman who went searching for a missing girl on an "intuition" found the torso of ANOTHER woman instead.

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Psychics Really DO Work With Police

It's not just a TV show, it's reality: psychics really do help the police solve crimes. Keep reading to find out how you can consult a psychic yourself.

In, Danny Penman writes: "The Daily Mail has learned that the police are increasingly turning to psychics and mediums for help in their battle against crime. Sources in...

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Psychic Dreams Reveal Killer

A psychic's visions about a political candidate eventually led to the candidate's arrest. Five years ago, psychic Rod Spraggins accused political opponent Barry Waites of murdering his wife, with nothing to back it up except the fact that he saw it in a dream. Spraggins and Waites were running against each other in a race for a city council...

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Psychic Finds Body

Police in Nelson, British Columbia, say a local psychichelped them find the body of young woman who has beenmissing almost a year. Before consulting the psychic, policeused sniffer dogs, helicopters and infrared heat detectors,but still couldn't find her.

CBC News reports that Police Sgt. Steve Bank was about togive up, when he decided...

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Psychic Finds Missing Girl

Laura Hatch, a 17-year-old girl who was missing for eightdays in Redmond, Washington, was found alive inside hercrashed Toyota by a psychic who had a vision telling herwhere to look for the girl. She was found badly hurt andseverely dehydrated, but she was alive and conscious in hercar, which was at the bottom of an embankment, 200 feet...

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Psychic Girl Challenges Amazing Randi

The magician who calls himself the Amazing Randi is a skeptic who will pay $1 million to anyone who can offer proof of the paranormal. He's made a career out of debunking psychics, and he's now investigating 11-year-old Natalia Lulova, a Jewish immigrant from Russia who now lives in Brooklyn and claims to be able to see through blindfolds.

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Is This Mind Reader for Real?

It certainly SEEMS to work! check it out for yourself.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Was it ESP or Bad Driving?

An Italian woman says she dreamed about a fatal car crash and told the victim's brother many details about it. Now she's been charged by police who suspect she had something to do with the accident. Is this a case of a helpful psychic being unfairly charged?

The psychic sought out Alfredo Baldeschi gave him a vivid description of the...

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Scientists Detect Psychics

But won't admit it - Some people have a special gift for predicting chaotic systems like the weather and financial markets, according to Australian psychologist Richard Heath. Chaotic sequences of numbers are very hard to predict because of the ?butterfly effect,? which means that even a small change too small to be measured...

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Take A Psychic Test (Can You Beat the Parrot?)

Rupert Sheldrake has designed a test to see if you?re psychic. If you take this test, he and his colleague, Pamela Smart (who owns a psychic dog) would like to know the results.

First, find 5 people who feel they are psychic. The experiment should last an hour, during a time when no one is expecting other calls.

The coordinator...

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Psychic Parrot With Big Vocabulary Stuns Scientist

Aimee Morgana in New York has a psychic parrot named N?Kisi, who has passed the kind of psi tests given to remote viewers. Aimee can sit in one room looking at images, and the parrot can name them, using words in N'Kisi's vocabulary of 555 words.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has tested the parrot with 70 images, and the parrot named the images...

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