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Popular Anonymous Net Hacked by NSA

An analysis done by Baneki Privacy Labs, a group of internet security researchers Cryptocloud has uncovered a JavaScript exploit that targets Firefox Long-Term Support version 17 which was included in the Tor Project browser bundle until June. But the Tor Project Firefox configuration doesn't include...
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The End of Privacy

The concept of privacy may have become a thing of the past. Your cell phone is tracking you, there are spies on Facebook, streetlights are...
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Could it Happen Here?

In our latest Insight, British privacy advocate Gwynn Price-Evans talks about the draconian measures being put into place in the UK which violate citizens? rights. With the eavesdropping measures going on in the US, it won't be long before the same things happen here.

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Here at, we...

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A GOOD Invasion of Privacy?

Newswise - There are plenty of things that go on in Europe that most UScitizens don't want to happen here. Among them are hightaxes (for a correspondingly high level of social programs) andID cards that must be carried at all times and shown upondemand (our drivers licenses serve that purpose, but manymore Europeans do not...

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