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The Real Cost of Jail

It's sometimes hard to determine the REAL cost of things.

The United States has the world's highest rate of jail incarceration, perhaps because the private the private prisons springing up across the country provide local jobs. But if the prison population shrank...
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Should We Be Nicer to Criminals?

Justice is different in different countries. In Mexico, they don't feed you in prison--if your family doesn't bring you food, you'll starve. US prison conditions vary, but our sentences are long compared to prison sentences in Europe or Scandinavia. We may not be...
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Thousands of Innocent People in Jail

A national registry has compiled a list of over 2,000 wrong convictions since 1989, since DNA testing became common. And reevaluation of old DNA testing is freeing innocent people from jail every day.

In the May 21st edition of the Los Angeles Times,...
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