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Don't Develop New Drugs, Reuse the Old

Did you know that Viagra was first developed as a drug for heart disease, before it became a drug for erectile dysfunction? Or that Rogaine, which is now a baldness treatment, was originally used to treat high blood pressure?

One of the main expenses drug companies have when it comes to developing new medicines is testing these drugs...
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Prescriptions Can Kill

Drugs don’t' always heal: More Americans now die each year from prescription drug overdoses than from cocaine, heroin and other illegal...
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Poisoning Yourself by Accident

More lethal than car crashes! - The recent deaths of Heath Ledger and perhaps even Michael Jackson point out the sad fact that adults between the ages of 34 and 56 are at a greater risk of dying from poisoning than from traffic accidents.

Poisoning deaths include those resulting from drug overdose or other misuse of...

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