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American Otzi

Otzi is the name of a prehistoric man who was buried under a glacier in the Italian Alps about 5,000 years ago. His body came to the surface in 1991 because the Alps are melting. Now North America has its own Otzi.

William Tinning writes in The Herald that a 700-year-old male body has been found that was frozen in ice until recently....

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Art From a Lost World

An archeologist who spotted what looked like faces carved into a rock in Italy has discovered the world's oldest art?made not just by a different culture, but by a different species, 200,000 years ago.

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How Did First Americans Get Here?

Archeologists have long insisted that people first came to the Americas by crossing the Bering land bridge from Siberia between 10,000 and 18,000 years ago. However, most indigenous people in both North and South America deny this. South Americans say they came from the sea and many Native Americans say they came from the South. Now it's been...

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Ancient Art Appears Like Magic

Prehistoric art in Australia that is invisible to the naked eye is being discovered by digital cameras and image-enhancing computers. Archeologists take pictures of blank walls and enhance them, and ancient images magically appear.

Archeologist Bruno David says, "Sometimes you can see a trace of something, but even when a painting has...

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Humans Almost Became Extinct

We almost went the way of the dinosaur. Humans came close to extinction 70,000 years ago, when genetic research shows that there were only about 2,000 of us alive. Just one major disease or environmental disaster (like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs), and we wouldn't be here today. Unlike chimps, who are our closest relatives, all...

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First Human Genes Still Alive in India

In Tamil Nadu, on India's East Coast, geneticists Spencer Wells and R.M. Pitchappan have found strains of genes that were present in early man when he first left Africa 60,000 years ago. When these first humans came to that part of India, some of them decided to stay and their progeny are still there today. "These gene pools are unique and very...

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Mystery Race Here Before Indians

New radiocarbon testing on 27 skulls that were found in Mexico 100 years ago shows some of them are almost 13,000 years old, the oldest found so far in the Americas. Domestic tools 14,500 years old have been discovered in Chile, but no human remains were found with them. The two oldest skulls are long and narrow, while more recent skulls are...

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Jurassic Park Invades Alaska

A giant, prehistoric-looking bird has been sighted in Southwest Alaska. Pilot John Bouker says the bird?s wingspan is as big as the wing on his Cessna 207, which is 14 feet. He'd heard rumors about the bird, but says, "I didn't put any thought into it." That was before he looked out of the left window of his plane and saw it about 1,000 feet...

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Soon You Can Visit Jurassic Park

Scientists from Japan and Russia want to create a safari park featuring real mammoths and woolly rhinoceros that will be open to tourists in the next 20 years. They plan to travel to Siberia to look for the frozen carcasses of dead prehistoric animals and take DNA from them, that can be transplanted into their living relatives, such as...

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We Are Older Than We Thought

Michel Brunet has found a skull that?s between 6 and 7million years old in the African nation of Chad that he?snamed Touma?. The skull is the oldest human fossil everfound, and comes from the time when humans and chimpanzeeswere just becoming separate species.

Since this is the first time a skull this old has beendiscovered, "There...

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Three Prehistoric Buddies

Scientists have told us that we?re all descended from oneEve, like the ancient, primitive partial female skeletonthat archeologists named Lucy. They?ve never figured outwhat happened to the Neanderthals?did they intermix with ourancestors or did they die out? Now it?s been discovered thatthree distinct groups of early humans migrated from...

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Prehistoric Brain Surgery

A prehistoric skull from 7,000 years ago has been found in a middle eastern settlement dating back to the stone age. The skull shows evidence that a Stone Age surgeon may have carried out a primitive form of brain surgery and that the patient actually lived after the operation.

Dr. Henrike Kiesewettes, a German anthropologist who...

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