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Pregnant, Fat and Violent

If you were born bad, mom can save you--even BEFORE you're born! It's hard to think of a baby being violent or destructive, but the seeds of violence may be planted before a child is born, meaning that attention to health factors as early as the prenatal stage could...
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Waiting for Baby

Sometimes we have to wait a long time for good news. Many people wait to have kids until they feel confident about their career. And since the right man doesn't always turn up in time, women in their late 30s are freezing their eggs while they wait to meet him.

A study of women at a Belgian clinic found that half of them wanted to freeze...

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Having Trouble Singing While Pregnant?

Here's why - You'll need your voice to sing to your baby after he or she is born, but if you're having trouble singing Christmas carols while pregnant, don't be surprised.

One of the most dramatic hormonal fluctuations occurs during pregnancy, and many professional singers have experienced difficulty singing while...

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Sunshine Linked to Healthy Births

Evidence is accumulating to support the theory that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, caused by a lack of sunlight, can alter the development of a child's brain in the womb.

The role of vitamin D in building healthy brains was ignored until researchers began to notice some strange trends. People who develop schizophrenia in...
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