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Super Moon Sunday

On Sunday, the third super moon of 2015 will also be eclipsed, which is why many people are describing it as a "blood moon." It starts as a penumbral eclipse at 8:11 EDT in the US, becomes a partial eclipse at 9:07, is total by 10:11 and reaches its greatest extent at 10:47. Watching will be iffy on the East Coast and in parts of the...
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Can We Predict the Future?

Most so-called pundits are terrible at it (but we have some GOOD ones).

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Richard Boylan Warns of Nov. 15 Asteroid Strike

Dr. Richard Boylan has produced a report saying that a large asteroid will hit the North Atlantic between 2:30 and 3:00 PM on November 15. As is our custom, we are recording this prediction, and, assuming we are still here on November 16, will report on the outcome. As 2012 nears, we can expect more of these apocalyptic predictions. Dr. Boylan...

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