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Weekender: Science Proves That "We Are All Connected"

We humans navigate our way through life in individual bodily casings, each apparently sealed tight against external influences; our minds, feelings and thoughts are completely our own, totally unaffected and inaccessible to others outside our impenetrable physical forms.

Or are they?

As a new age concept, the Global...
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The Mall is a Church for Some People

Most Americans are religious--just not all in the same way. An international study of holiday shopping and religion finds that dominant religious groups are likely to experience discomfort at all the...
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Prayer Power

Saying a prayer may help many people feel less angry and behave less aggressively after someone has left them fuming. New studies show that people who were provoked by insulting comments from a stranger showed less anger and aggression soon afterwards if they prayed for another person in the meantime. Since bottled-up anger is bad for your health...
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Why Religion Makes People Happy

During the Christmas season, many people attend religious services who normally don't set foot inside a church. It's long been known that religious people are generally happier, but what's their "secret ingredient?" It turns out it's two things:...
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Prayer Heals, But Doctors Don't Know Why

Does prayer really help heal? Medical researchersinvestigated the role played by prayer in both physical andemotional healing. The results? Prayer can help, but only ifyou believe it can.

Researcher Randall Fitzgeraldwrites in Phenomena Magazine that prayer studies in the pasthave produced mixed results. In this new study from...
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Join Us in New Prayer

Join the prayer group in a new prayer?one very much needed in this time of war. Our current intention: "That grace may come to those who live by hate." Hate is a sickness that drowns souls. It is also one of the greatest epidemics on earth, responsible for suffering beyond calculation. Prayer is to hate as water is to fire, so pray with us, and...

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Pray With Us

Our new prayer group prayer is: For the health of our planet and its creatures. Now that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has announced that the Gulf Stream is in danger of failing, all nations and all of earth's creatures face the greatest environmental challenge in recorded history. We pray for the health of earth and her children....

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New Prayer

Join us in our latest prayer as we think of those who have lost their homes in the California fires. We send out a prayer for rain and a prayer for strength.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Join Us in New Prayer

Nothing else seems to work, so maybe prayer will do it. The Prayer Group's new intention is "That government secrecy come to an end." When it comes to UFOs, when it comes to international war and terrorism, we have a right to know what's really happening. It's as unfair for a few people to hoard all the information as it is for them to hoard...

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New Prayer Group Intention

The new prayer group intention is: That man may make open and productive contact soon. Are you familiar with our prayer group? They're from every religious--and non-religious--background and are only linked by the prayer itself. The group "meets" four times a day: at dawn, at noon, at dusk and at midnight (your local time) for a few moments of...

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Iraq War: What Can WE Do?

Maybe all we can do is pray.God said, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." There have never been any amendments. Christ admonished us to turn the other cheek. But we do not know how to solve our problems without deadly conflict. Let us pray that this war will be mercifully short and bloodless. The Prayer Group?s current intention is to pray that the war with...

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Does Prayer Work?

A recent study by Professor Leonard Leibovici, of the RabinMedical Center in Israel, provides evidence that prayer canheal.

The objective of the study was, according to Leibovici, ?Todetermine whether remote, retroactive intercessory prayer,said for a group of patients with a bloodstream infection,has an effect on outcomes.?


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Powerful New Prayer Group Intention

The leader of the Prayer Group has offered a powerful intention for the month of October. In addition, he has received a message from a great spiritual leader of the Sufi movement that will, in nine small words, forever redefine for the west the meaning of what it is to be a Moslem. We must never forget that the Moslem faith is the foundation...

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