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Chimp Depravity

Animals can be as depraved as humans--they can even watch porn. When Gina, a female chimpanzee at the Seville Zoo in Spain, was given a TV set, she began to watch pornography almost constantly.

In the...
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The Reason Things Seem Sexier Now

The portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even "pornified." The same is not true of the portrayal of men. This could be a reflection of...
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The Hidden Dangers of Internet Porn

There's all kinds of pornography, and if you like to sneak a peek at a porn site occasionally, either at home or at the office, beware: criminals are lurking there, ready to STEAL YOUR MONEY.

Statistics suggest that 12% of all websites offer some form of pornography and that 70% of men under 24 browse these sites. Researchers created...

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