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Flights Cancelled as Popocatepetl Gets more Active

The Popocatepetl near Mexico City has emitted more than a hundred explosive eruptions in the past 24 hours, causing American carriers to cancel flights in and out of the area.The ashes haven't reached Mexico City International Airport. But Delta, American Airlines and Alaska...
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Rising Volcanic Activity Along Western Pacific Rim

Two volcanoes in Alaska and Popocatepetl in Mexico are either erupting or showing signs of activity. As sea levels continue to rise, putting pressure on continental shelves, predictions are that volcanic activity will also increase, as well as seismic activity. Whether or not earthquakes will follow the eruptions of these volcanoes is not known,...
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Indonesian Volcano About To Blow

The thousands of people who live near an active volcano on Indonesia's mainisland of Java have been told to prepare to evacuate their homes. MountMerapi, near the central city of Jogjakarta, has begun spewing molten rockand ash from its crater.

The volcano last erupted in 1994, when it destroyed a village and killed 60people.


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Popo In Towering New Eruption

Mt. Popocatapetl, the restless volcano 35 miles from Mexico City, has once again begun erupting. On Monday, January 21, the volcano sent a massive plume of smoke and ash to an altitude of 25,000 feet. According to the Mexican volcanologists, the volcano experienced an earthquake measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale Monday afternoon. 17 minutes...

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Popo May Contain Huge Lava Mass

Popocatepetl rumbled for 4 minutes on Saturday, then spewed ash on nearby communities. Residents had all returned home after being evacuated on December 18, when showers of red-hot rock began shooting out of the volcano. This was its biggest eruption in 1,200 years.

Scientists say that the volcano is trying to dislodge a mass of lava...

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Volcanos May Hasten Climate Change

Volcanic eruptions are more likely to cause world weather changes than possible impacts from comets, a team of scientists announced to the American Geophysical Union last week. Massive eruptions of magma, ash and gas, which are spewing out of Popocatepetl near Mexico City right now, can have a severe and lasting impact on the world?s climate....

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Volcano Gets Worse--14,000 Evacuated

San Antonio Express-News - For the past week, Popocatepetl, the volcano 35 miles from Mexico City, has been emitting dark clouds of steam and ash. On Thursday, Popo threw ash over a 50 mile radius and sent out incandescent fragments that rolled down its slopes. Some international airlines cancelled flights to Mexico City for...

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Mexico Volcano Has Record Number of Eruptions

Soldiers and disaster workers in Mexico City are reviewing evacuation procedures after Popocateptl, which is located 40 miles southeast of the city, erupted 200 times on Tuesday, breaking its 1996 record of 180 eruptions in a single day. Officials issued a state of alert after the volcano began to spew ash early that morning. The first tremor...

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