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Should the Pope Speak Out?

The Pope has allegedly been identified as a target by the terrorist group The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

This intention apparently follows the Pope's condemnation of the terror organization's recent actions, when they beheaded a number of Christian victims. The Pope is a known pacifist and has been outspoken...
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Catholic Church Opens Their Doors to Extra-Terrestrials

Religion has always been an emotive subject, and never more so than when introducing the idea of extra-terrestrial life to the devout. For some reason, most organised religions on the planet have rejected the idea of off-earth life forms as being somehow blasphemous.

Why God, who or whatever you believe Him to be, would exclude those...
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Will the Next Pope be Black?

Africa is the continent where Catholicism is strongest, unlike Europe, where people are becoming more secular--even in Italy, home of the Vatican. The exiting Pope Benedict will have a lot of influence on who will be chosen to succeed him.
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Who is to Blame for Priest Pedophilia?

We've all heard about the fact that so many Catholic clergy are "in the closet." It's hard to believe, but it's true: The Vatican denies that this is the problem--instead, they are blaming the 60s "hippie" generation for today's epidemic of pedophilia in...
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Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a Man?

Vatican insiders have suggested that Mother Teresa ofCalcutta was actually a man. Guiseppe Calzone was born inNaples on August 26, 1910. "It was a mixup," the Vaticanexplained. "She did not realize that she was male." Born ofan extremely devout Catholic family, nobody, including her,ever observed her genitals, and when as a teenager...

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Prophecy of St. Malachy Again Fulfilled

In the year 1139, St. Malachy, an Irish bishop with a notedgift of prophecy, visited Rome and, as the result of avision, wrote a single line of description for 112 futurepopes.

The list has been strikingly accurate, and the new pope hasalso fulfilled the prophecy about him. Pope 111 (the secondto the last) is described as "Gloria Olivae...

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Concerns about Ratzinger Grow

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the world's largestcirculation Jewish magazine, TIKKUN, and rabbi ofBeyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco, took the unusual stepof criticizing the choice made by the Catholic Church for itsnew Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Ratzinger has pressedthe elevation to sainthood of Pope Pius XII, who failed tocondemn...

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New Pope May Be a Problem for Church

Germany's Joseph Ratzinger was electedthe 265th pope of the Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday andwill take the name Benedict XVI, the Vatican announced.The name of the 78-year-old Ratzinger was announced to acrowd of around 100,000 pilgrims by Cardinal Jorge MedinaEstevez of Chile, the senior cardinal deacon, from thebalcony of St Peter's...

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Letter from Rome has received the following letter from areader who is presently in Rome for the funeral of Pope JohnPaul II: I am writing you from Rometoday. It is the most blessed human experience I have everknown. I work in Milan and have come down here to honor thepope. When Mr. Hesemann said on your program that he was themost important...

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Pope John Paul II is Dead

The Vatican announced at noon Pacific time that Pope JohnPaul II has died. He reigned as pope for 26 years, thesecond longest pontificate in history. During this time, hewas steadfastly conservative, an outspoken adherent toCatholic tradition. He was the 265th pope. The Catholicpapacy is the longest continuous governmental officepresently in...

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Pope Remains Gravely Ill

The Vatican has announced thatPope John Paulhas been given the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church.Unknowncountry's Vatican source reports that he has a highfever and his doctors are concerned that he may not surviveanother twenty-four hours. He has a severe urinary tractinfection and is under intensive medical care. The infectionresponds...

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Why Did the Pope Get the Flu?

Wonder why the Pope didn't get a flu shot this year? If hehad, he probably wouldn't have the flu right now. Theanswer? He probably doesn't really have the flu.

The Pope receives the best medical care the world has tooffer, and despite the fact that there was a shortage of fluvaccine this year (there isn?t anymore), he would have beenat...

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Pope's Health Mysteriously Improved

Until recently, 82-year-old Pope John Paul was so frail that some photographers declined to take pictures of him, out of kindness. His voice was so weak that he could hardly be heard or understood, and many in the Vatican thought he should resign. But in his public appearances just before Easter, he suddenly seemed more healthy. He spoke...

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Vatican: Keep Sex Abuse Secret

Roman Catholic bishops should avoid telling congregations that their parish priests sexually abused children if the bishops believe the priests won?t do it again, according to Vatican official Gianfranco Ghirlanda. He says church leaders have no legal or moral responsibilities if such abuse occurs.

The Vatican appeals court judge says...

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Will the Next Pope be Black?

African Americans won both Best Actor Oscars this year. Now it looks like the next Pope may be black. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican?s doctrinal chief, says an African papacy would ?only be to the Church?s benefit? and a ?wonderful sign for all Christianity.?

Cardinal Ratzinger, 74, is viewed as a major decision-maker in the...

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Pope Too Sick to Continue

The Pope is under increasing pressure from his cardinals to step down due to illness according to a front-page article in Corriere della Sera by Vittorio Messori. He says both liberals and conservatives inside the Vatican say the 81-year-old Pope can no longer attend to his duties and should abdicate.

The Vatican has announced that the...

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