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Monkey Pollution

This isn't the kind of pollution that monkeys MAKE, it's the kind they DETECT. It turns out that testing hair from Asian monkeys living close to people may provide early warnings of toxic threats to humans and wildlife (and those of us who don't have jungles nearby will just have to find another way). And at least monkeys listen to their...

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Alien Pollution

Another way to spot intelligent life! - While we keep hoping that disclosure will come soon, scientists are trying to figure out how to spot alien life. One clue might be the pollution they leave behind.

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Another Reason Why Trucks are Dangerous

We know that the tiny particles in air pollution can clog our arteries, leading to heart attacks, but now researchers have found a connection between diesel emissions and cancer. We need to start running our trucks on biofuel!

Diesel exhaust exposure levels in the study were designed to mimic the exposure people might experience while...

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Some Cities Make You Die Earlier

It's due to pollution: Do YOU live in one of these places? - If you do, be sure to eat your broccoli! We are used to thinking of heart disease as a product of genetic factors or lifestyle choices, such as what we eat and how much we exercise. There is another road to heart disease: breathing.

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Our Air is Cleaner in Some Places, but Not Everywhere

It's especially bad around SCHOOLS! - Despite our best efforts, we sometimes still pollute, but our air IS getting cleaner. A new study shows that average life expectancy in 51 US cities increased nearly three years over recent decades, and approximately five months of that increase is thanks to cleaner air?that's GOOD news....

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Time to Clean Up

If we can't find a way to stop producing too many greenhouse gases, maybe the solution is to CLEAN them out of the air!

Researchers are figuring out how to removed CO2 from the air using technology that ALREADY exists.

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Pollution Cuts the Earth in Half

There's a real equator?the invisible line that divides the earth's North from its South?but there's also a "chemical equator" that divides the polluted air of the North from the relatively clear air of the South. But as the South becomes more industrialized, that pollution may creep south. It can also be blown by the wind, making it even harder...

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Who Suffers Most from Road Pollution?

Kids! - You don't have to be ajogger tosuffer from highway pollution. New evidence blamestraffic-related pollution for increasing the risk of allergyamong children by more than 50%, and the closer the childrenlive to roads, the higher their risk. And it?s not justwhere kids live, it's where they go SCHOOL. Almost a thirdof US...

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You Can't Run Away from Pollution

UPDATE: But watch out for gym germs too! - You're exercising in order to be healthy, but it can be downright dangerous to run, walk or bicycle near city streets. The exhaust and smoke can damage your health, especially since you breathe deeply while working out.

Heart specialist Ronald Crystal says that air pollution is...

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Pollution? Recycle it!

When it comes to global warming and pollution, coal is the biggest problem, and environmentalists know it. Every time a new coal-fired power plant is planned in the US, a lawyer from an environmental group is assigned to try to stop it. But what if we could remove CO2 emissions from smokestacks, so they don't escape into the atmosphere and...

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Fuel: Worst Kind Used in Poorest Places

Fuel that causes the most pollution is being used in the poorest parts of the world?leading to global warming, which affects these areas the MOST. The burning of "biomass" fuels for, which are defined as burning organic substances such as peat, wood or cow dung, for heating and cooking, has a warming effect in the atmosphere three to four times...

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The Problem That Won't Quite Go Away

The growth in China's carbon dioxide emissions is far outpacing previous estimates, making the goal of stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gases much more difficult. Beijing is so polluted that top runner Haile Gebrselassie has dropped out of the upcoming Olympics there, for fear that running in such an atmosphere would damage his health....

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The Air is KILLING Us!

Particles in the air caused by pollution have been linked to heart attacks, and the SMALLEST particles do the most damage!

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World's Biggest Dump: The Ocean

We know about space trash, but we are turning something much closer to us into a gigantic rubbish dump as well: the ocean. Held in place by underwater currents, it stretches from the California coast, past Hawaii, almost to Japan. It's the world's biggest dump.

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Pollution KILLS

A new study says that water, air and soil pollution account for up to 40% of deaths worldwide each year. That's 62 million deaths that could have been prevented.

In, Andrea Thompson quotes ecologist David Pimentel as saying, "We were surprised with the number. [This] suggests the importance of the environment as it's...

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One Kind of Pollution Helps Offset Another

One type of human pollution is helping to offset another one. One of our major pollutants is nitrogen, which comes from fertilizer run off. Another major pollutant is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which comes from car exhausts and power plant emissions. Now researchers have discovered that nitrogen deposits on the forest floor are helping...

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Persistent Pollution Problems

Twenty million: That's how many tires are discarded every year in New York State alone. The UN thinks that between 20 and 50 million tons of computers are thrown away as obsolete every year. Rubber tires cannot be recycled into new tires and computer parts are toxic. What can be done about this?

Discarded computers create serious...
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China Pollution May Harm Olympic Athletes

The Chinese fought hard to gain the right to hold the 2008 summer Olympics in their country. But athletes have a major worry about competing there: air quality, since modern China is a heavily polluted place. If holding the Olympics there can influence China to clear up its air, it will improve pollution in the US as well.

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Ultimate Recycling

In our homes, we are aware of the need to recycle paper, plastic and glass. But agriculture has other problems, and one of the biggest is chicken feathers. We may be able to make clothes out of them. Now scientists are trying to figure out how to recycle these feathers into biodegradable plastic, which would solve OUR disposal problems as well...

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West Coast Polluted by Coal Burned in China

More than three-quarters of the dangerous particulate pollution known as black carbon that blows through the West Coast in the spring comes from Asian sources. China's new industrialization movement burns a lot of coal, which means that we won't be able to clean up OUR pollution until we get China to clean up its act.

Alhough the...

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Heavy Metals Mean Danger

Scientists now say that autism is caused by exposure to heavy metal pollution. This has been blamed on the mercury that was once used as a preservative in children's vaccines, but power plants and car exhausts spew out heavy metals as well. In fact, there may be a great deal of these dangerous substances in your own home.

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Acid Rain Good?

Due to pollution controls on cars and smokestacks, acid rain has decreased in recent years. This can be seen clearly in Appalachian streams, where aquatic life is thriving. Butthis is leading to increased CO2 levels in the water, as a result of respiration and the organic decay of dead creatures. But more CO2 dissolved in water could lead to a...

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Polluted Kids

We're not only polluting the earth: In the process, we're polluting our children. Scientists think that pollution may be the cause of disabilities and diseases like Parkinson's, autism, attention deficit disorder and cerebral palsy.

Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that "chemical pollution may have harmed the brains of millions...

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The Environmentalist's Dream

Now that we know we can help alleviate global warming by doing something as simple as changing a light bulb, it's time to do something bigger: invent a whole new type of power. A group of engineers have done just that: they?ve invented a combustion chamber where fuel is burned that will power a motor that gives off almost NO pollution at all?...

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Traffic on Trial

Global warming is on trial in a big way, in the Supreme Court. A dozen states that are suffering the most from air pollution are demanding that the EPA force car manufacturers to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from cars. This may turn out to be one of the Supreme Court's most important rulings on the environment.

H. Josef Hebert...

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Pollution From a Partner

We need ethanol more than ever, even if it doesn't reduce air pollution as much as scientists had hoped it would! It's especially needed in China, where they are now trading their bicycles for cars at a fast pace. Since we do so much economic trading with China, can't we influence them to adopt some pollution controls, before we all smother? Let's...
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Plastic Pollution Leads to Prostate Cancer

A year ago we warned you that baby bottles are dangerous for boys. The trouble is, in the US, bottle feeding babies is big business. Now a new cancer study shows that early exposure to low doses of environmental estrogens?which means the type of plastic in baby bottles?during development of the prostate gland in the male fetus may result in a...

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Don't Breathe

Years ago, we were warned not to jog next to heavily trafficked streets, since that would cause us to inhale a lot of dangerous fumes. We assumed that walking or riding a bicycle in an area filled with cars would cause people to inhale more pollution than they would if they were riding in one of the cars (or in a taxi or bus), but it turns out...

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Smog Emergency

Newswise - Los Angeles and other big American cities aren?t the only places with smog problems. On December 7, Iran declared a smog emergency because the air was so bad in Tehran. That?s the bad news?the good news is that researchers have discovered that natural chemical processes in the atmosphere may be removing smog and...

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Pollution Drives People to Suicide

Newswise - A psychiatrist's study of the suicide rate in a North Carolina county has revealed that it may be linked to releases of hydrogen sulfide and other airborne chemicals from a nearby paper mill and other industrial sites.

This is the second study to propose a possible link between increased suicide rates in a...

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